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(generated from captions) there's 20 grand in there. Now, Nicole is convinced to pop those locks. Kemma Bayrami, the time has come Alright. Here we go. 12 grand. Were you debt-free? Oh, yeah, good decision, Kemma!

$500 up there. And great work, Nicole. you could have done you have done. So absolutely the best deal Well done, Kemma. Thank you. Let's see the money. The lovely Emma with your cheque very lovely indeed. which I think you'll find with everything, Kemma. So, well, best of luck

on the state of your true love Make sure you email us an update when you get to London, will you? Oh, good, good. He was waiting for my call. Time to call then. I hope to see you tomorrow. Thanks for calling in this afternoon.

Pleasure. See you. 'Bye now. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - the shock report revealing in Coalition pork-barrelling. hundreds of millions

for bravery awards Firefighters in line from their burning home. after saving a Sydney family it's just part of our job We can all say but still a pleasing feeling of an incident like that. when you pull someone out fears at a major power station. A Greenpeace protest sparks security for the chook house - And Willie Mason trades the kennel signing with the Roosters. an entertaining year, isn't it? It's going to be with Ian Ross. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. just days from the election In a disaster for John Howard a bombshell report has identified taxpayers' money for political gain. massive Coalition spending of is political editor Mark Riley. Joining us from Canberra how bad is this pork-barrelling? And Mark, reports over the years Ian, I've read a lot of auditors' I've ever seen. and this is the most scathing $400 million were approved It finds projects worth against departmental advice in marginal Coalition seats

while Labor seats missed out.

120-megalitre ethanol refinery. This is supposed to be a $1 million since 2004 to pay for it. Taxpayers have forked out over but grass and dust. But there's still nothing today It's just one of a thousand projects of a pork-barrelling scandal. at the centre into a government This is a stunning report

out of touch which has become arrogant and in its use of taxpayer dollars. released today, suggests A scathing Audit Office report dozens of projects in marginal seats the Government rushed approval for just before the last election. The most damning finding: 'not recommended' were paid "funding for projects

if they were in Coalition-held seats and projects that were "recommended"

if they were in Labor seats." got nothing Kerry Jacobs is stunned. Public accountability expert of mine If I presented this to friends

in developing countries without naming the country it came from a Third World setting. they would have assumed from a synthetic bowling green The projects range Tasmanian seat of Bass in the marginal in Mackay - to an $8 million technology centre that's also never been built. That was in the lead-up to 2004. the same again now. I presume they're doing The Prime Minister said he hadn't read the report

but still supported the program. scheme has brought lots of benefits I think the regional partnerships

in lots of areas of Australia. to lots of communities that crippled the Keating Government The sports rorts affair of $30 million - involved a slash fund this is $400 million. The Auditor General says it falls short of an acceptable standards of public administration.

'it's a rort'. That's bureaucratic speak for We have a report that clearly shows the resources for pork-barrelling. that ministers have used

on the Harbour Bridge A major pile-up is causing traffic chaos tonight. are facing long delays Drivers in both directions Milsons Point Station after four cars crashed near blocking all north-bound lanes. a taxi Fire crews have been hosing down to prevent its LPG tank exploding. to use the Harbour Tunnel Motorists are advised

to avoid the mess. nominated for bravery awards Redfern firefighters are being to save a family of four after risking their lives from their burning home. black smoke Twice they crawled through thick, and drag them to safety. to find the unconscious victims

took just three short minutes Firefighters to reach the building. for the blaze to cut off all exits But that was still enough time and fill three floors with smoke. and extremely smoky. It was extremely hot is now a sound studio and apartment. The one-time pub Trapped inside, a family of four. Far as I know, his brother and his sister. it's a young bloke, his mum, feel for the victims, So black inside, officers had to crawling through on hands and knees. they are very cluttered rooms, There was a lot of rubbish in there, so we kept falling over. Difficult to see - crawling around - down on hands and knees, as quick as we could. we got in there trapped behind a cupboard. They found one "I can't breathe, I can't breathe." She was conscious, she was saying and got her to the door. But we finally got a doona over her with severe burns. 3 of the 4 are in critical condition a musician who ran the studio, 28-year-old Nathan Bridger, is fighting for his life. I wouldn't wish this upon him. I'm really sad for him and his mum everything's alright. and I really hope that to hit the building. It's not the first fire The owners say on Christmas Eve five years ago, they battled another blaze just after they bought the building. that was the work of arsonists. And they're convinced The quick work of today's firefighters has already been recognised. They've been nominated for bravery awards. Never been in anything like this under this urgency. Gunmen have opened fire during an argument on Leichhardt's busy Norton Street

this afternoon. Police swooped when at least 12 shots were fired from the Grappa restaurant carpark at 2 o'clock. One bullet went through a car's front window. Heard a lot of shots, come out

flying down the street. As they come down these three other blokes came out with handguns and started shooting at the cars. A car with several bullet holes has been found in nearby Annandale. The men are still on the run. Police are boosting security at the Munmorah coal power station on the central coast following a dramatic protest by Greenpeace. 15 activists were arrested a huge slogan on the roof after painting

and chaining themselves to a conveyor belt. They broke in at dawn on a day an international study named Australians the world's worst carbon polluters. VIDEO: We don't want more spin, we don't want more hot air, we need action on climate change. Some of the Greenpeace protesters chained themselves to equipment inside Munmorah power station - attempting to shut it down. Others climbed to get their message that 'Coal Kills' to the people. The police climbed too.

There's 330,000 volts coming out of that building down there and it poses a very high risk. Staff were evacuated from the plant, but the volts kept flowing. In fact, power supply from Munmorah power station was not affected. Greenpeace declared victory anyway. It's a success because we're sending that message very directly to our political leaders and also to the community. Because it's a power station Munmorah is listed as a special security zone but police say they won't be charging protesters under strict terrorism laws. The security emergency lasted six hours - the Government has promised an investigation. That is simply inappropriate. It is simply wrong to place that risk. Taxpayers will contribute $40 million to ensure Randwick horse trainers go in peace making way for Catholic World Youth Day next July. The deal ends a bitter dispute which threatened to ruin the Pope's visit to Sydney. After months of feuding for Randwick trainers. finally a dividend

They'll be forced out of the racecourse is held next year when World Youth Day

but will receive up to $41 million for the inconvenience. We acknowledge that no matter what figures were thrown at us we were going to come out the losers in this. Randwick is home to about 700 horses and support staff. Under the agreement they'll relocate to Rose Hill and Warwick Farm for about 10 weeks while the course is revamped to suit the needs of World Youth Day organisers. Racing New South Wales says trainers will still be out of pocket but says it's playing the role of good Samaritan. I wouldn't regard this as compensation. This is just reimbursing us for the costs to the racing industry and in particular, the trainers. Up to 500,000 worshippers are expected to attend a Papal mass at the track in July. It's taken months for the racing industry to agree to the relocation. The Catholic Church says

it's grateful a truce has been reached. In all, the total cost of World Youth Day is expected to easily top $60 million but it's hoped the event will generate much more than that for our economy. The income generated from a successful World Youth Day is estimated to be about $150 million. Health Minister Reba Meagher has operated on the State's sick hospital system spending $30 million on extra beds and more medical staff. But doctors say her emergency surgery is just the start of what's needed. At last - Reba Meagher has something to smile about. After weeks of pained media appearances, fighting off claims of a health system in crisis the Minister today announced a $30 million package for the State's busiest hospitals. including 150 new beds

This demonstrates a government that is listening and responding swiftly to the concerns of doctors as they have been raised. The Government will also recruit another 22 emergency department specialists - offering incentives like airfares and accommodation to overseas doctors. Demoralised emergency doctors are happy the government's finally taking their claims seriously but say there's a long way to go.

A lot more needs to be done but this is an absolutely fantastic change in direction. The Opposition says it's a joke. I think this is a sign that the Minister's worried about headlines. The Australian Medical Association told the inquiry into Royal North Shore on Monday that it would take 1,600 beds across the State to fix the crisis - at least 70 at Royal North Shore alone. 150 is not many when you consider that 70 is our estimate of the need in one hospital. But it's a step in the right direction. When we're talking about health, there is always a case for more. More, she says, that should come from the Federal government. Willie Mason has ended week of speculation swapping his Bulldog kennel for the chook house and becoming a Rooster. Matthew White joins us. Matt, his new club is already learning Willie's in a world of his own.

It's not a bad way to put it. We

have always known he is one of a


kind.. Will I got in first with his own kind.. Will I got in first with his

own media event. It was a circus to the end for rugby league's class clown. I'm sick of seeing you. Mutual. But Willie Mason couldn't have been too sick of the cameras as he held not one but two press conferences to confirm he'd joined the Roosters. First up, it was to say 'see ya' to the Bulldogs. It rattled me a little bit for about five seconds then I was over it. A few hours later and it was over to the Roosters and his new home under Brad Fittler. Gonna be an interesting year, isn't it? Because we do take our footy seriously. But before he plays they'll let him box. There's a good chance they'll be using bigger gloves. And Willie needs the cash because he may have dropped a bit of money. So I can just make my mortgage payments every month by budgeting hard. As for those Roosters fans who told the club not to buy big Willie

at any cost the Test prop is confident he'll eventually be able to win them over with his deeds on the football field. If I'm out there playing like a skirt every weekend and they think that I'm supposed to be this big signing I'm not performing then I expect to be bagged. Bagged maybe but not gagged. That's the sort of people we want at clubs. Don't want 'yes' men. They play better football when they be themselves.

It will be a fun few years at

It will be a fun few years at Bondi. When I come back,

the fighting words between Murali and Shane Warne. Ahead in Seven News - the Sydney apartment that's set a real estate record. Also, a popular Australian car gets an American makeover and a cheaper price tag. And a family tribute to Steve Irwin on his Remembrance Day. And I think it's so special because our last trip together was catching crocodiles. Labor's anti-business laws will hurt small business and will cost jobs. will stuff our local economy. are standing up for small business and more jobs. An apartment in the Toaster building at Circular Quay has sold for a record $8.4 million. The seventh floor, 3-bedroom unit has uninterrupted views of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Bidding started at $7 million when it went under the hammer last night. The anonymous Queensland buyer paid $44,000 per square metre - the highest price ever in Sydney. New South Wales has slipped further into drought. Last week's rain wasn't enough to ease conditions for November. 81.9% of the State is now drought-affected - up more than 3% on last month.

Some estimates indicating that winter crops are expected to be down by as much as 75%. That's pushing up the cost of groceries. Scientists are a step closer to human cloning after American researchers successfully cloned primate embryos for the first time. They hope in 5 to 10 years the technology will help treat diseases including Parkinson's and diabetes. This is Semos.

He could soon be as famous as Dolly the cloned sheep. In a controversial scientific breakthrough US researchers have used his DNA to clone monkey embryos and extract stem cells. And if it can be done in one primate in theory, it should work with humans. So hopefully, it's not going to be 20 years. Hopefully within 5, 10 years we will have first therapeutic application of these cells. was inserted into a monkey egg Semos' DNA

which had its DNA removed. The embryos were then cloned and their stem cells produced beating heart cells with identical DNA to that of Semos. Two years ago a South Korean researcher faked a similar breakthrough but this time, the findings have been verified by Australian scientists. It is pretty exciting because, at least, it's a proof of concept that it probably can be done in humans. could be used on humans Scientists believe the same method

with conditions such as diabetes or Parkinson's. They hope to replace diseased cells with cloned healthy tissue. Because these cells come from the patient

then they'll be matched so they would not get rejected if they were grafted back. It's already been 11 years since Dolly was created and scientists admit refining this new technique could also be a slow process. Students in Western Sydney have paid tribute to the Crocodile Hunter by dressing in khaki at school today. They joined thousands of Australians in marking the first ever Steve Irwin Day. Terri, Bindi and Bob Irwin are wildlife royalty in these parts. Surrounded by a sea of khaki at Australia Zoo to celebrate the life of the Crocodile Hunter. FOOTAGE: I see your nostrils there - here he comes! When you lose someone that close I don't expect I'll ever really recover. From one Australian icon to another. # I'll bring all your dreams alive # for you # And a wildlife rap from Bindi. # Mr Panda, whatcha gonna do? # 'Cause this... # A lasting memory was unveiled. Robert saw the mama statue and said "An alien." LAUGHTER

Kids at Mt Riverview Public, near Penrith, got in the spirit too. ALL: What a little beauty! He, like, jumped on crocs and not a lot of people do that. Would you do that? Yeah, probably. Being here today gives you some idea of how much kids all over the world love Steve Irwin. Even I got dressed up for the occasion. I wonder what Steve Irwin thinks about all this.

ALL: Crikey! (Cheers) Steve would've been very proud I think

but I know he would've said "It's about me crocs, mate, it's not about me." That's what he would've said. Terri wants to make Steve Irwin Day an international public holiday. Isn't she gorgeous? One of Australia's most popular cars has made its debut in the United States. We know it as the SS Commodore but at the Los Angeles Car Show it's been introduced as the Pontiac G8

and the price tag is much cheaper at $33,000. Come here and buy a G8 - we'll get it shipped back for you! 35,000 of them will go on sale

in the US next year. More sport with Matthew White and a bit of spice before the second cricket Test. Shane Warne's been in the headlines and he's not even playing! Coming up - the game's greatest spinners call a truce to their verbal sparring. I'm pretty happy at the moment - actually, I'm not that miserable. And what the rest of the Roosters think about buying Big Willie. We're coming back! VOICEOVER: What? Go back to teacher's strikes, airline strikes, petrol strikes, They will stuff our economy. Willie Mason has vowed to finish his career as a Rooster and his new team-mates say they couldn't be happier. Mason was unveiled in the tri-colours this afternoon after his sensational fall-out with the Bulldogs. The Test prop has signed a 3-year deal following several former Dogs, including Braith Anasta. To have Willie bring his experience, his class, his enthusiasm,

he's a great trainer - he goes hard on and off the field.

Mason knocked back a 2-year offer from Cronulla. Coming here wasn't that hard of a decision once I'd seen both of the offers on the table. Sri Lankan spin king Muttiah Muralidaran

has apologised to Shane Warne after calling him miserable.

Murali says it was a simple misunderstanding but Warne is refusing to back down on calls for the spinner's action to be tested during a match. Retired but certainly not forgotten. And familiar territory for Warne after being verbally attacked by Murali for questioning the spinner's controversial bowling action. Murali called Warne a miserable man for the comments but a crisis get-together at a Hobart hotel this morning set the record straight, publicly it seemed.

We just talked to each other and we patched up and say actually because it's of miscommunication. I've got no problems with Murali's action whatsoever. I'm good friends with Murali. The joint media conference then turned into cricket's version of the mutual admiration society. It's amazing what he does wit the ball, it's unbelievable.

It's like a rubber man. (makes a sound effect) How can actually...

Suddenly this thing's going whoomp. But I think he's very cunning. If I had his cricket knowledge I would have 1,000 now. LAUGHTER The trophy, minus any hint of a suspect arm action, was unveiled in the pair's honour. But it was overshadowed by the feud

between the world's most successful bowling duo. He's had to deal with a lot of different distractions right through his career for different reasons. I don't think this one will be one that he'd worrying too much about. All this on Test eve, as Australia set about wrapping up the series at Bellerive. The Australians are more determined than ever to deny Murali the seven wickets he requires to become the world-record holder. into the semifinals Australia has cruised

at the Netball World Championships in Auckland after crushing the Cook Islands 90-22 in today's quarterfinal. The Aussies led 46-12 at half-time before going on to win by 68 goals and remain on course for a showdown with New Zealand. Still, captain Liz Ellis wasn't satisfied with the performance. I think there'd be times

when we'd be a little bit disappointed with what we did. Australia plays England in tomorrow's semi.

Hopefully we can go all the way and

bring back the trophy. What about

that Murali/

that Murali/warn trophy. It's ugly,

it's not nice. Got a bit of work to do.

Checking finance now and the share market was weighed down by resource and banking stocks. BHP and IAG were both down more than 2%. The ASX200 fell 70 points. Fortescue Metals bucked the downward trend rising 19% after announcing an iron ore discovery in the Pilbara. Sara's up next with the weather and the humidity made it hard to sleep last night? Yes, Ian. It was a muggy evening thanks to the cloud from yesterday's storms. I'll let you know if there's any relief on the way

after the break. Labor's anti-business laws will hurt small business and will cost jobs. And wall to wall Labor will stuff our local economy. Only Liberals like Gary Nairn there was some relief today with those sou-easterly winds hanging around a little longer than expected. That brought a cooler day - 24 degrees in town - we had a low of 19. Partly cloudy and 21 right now. Penrith had a late top of 30 degrees but the rest of Sydney stayed in the 20s 23 to 24 along the beaches

up to 29 in Richmond and Campbelltown

A few more showers in the mountains where it reached 26. On the charts - cloud is spreading across NSW to the outback. bringing a few patchy showers

Up north Tropical Cyclone Guba is moving very slowly with showery storms continuing along the coast there.

We've got a typical summer pattern on the satellite a broad area of low pressure across the tropics and a few highs in the south driving these hot northerly winds. A dry end to the week for most major cities. It's going to be a calm day on Sydney's waters

More sunshine on tomorrow's weather although parts will see some patchy cloud at times. It'll be a touch cooler tonight 15 to 17 degrees. Heading for tops of 25 in the city Katoomba and Cronulla. Into the low 30s across western parts. 31 in Richmond and Penrith. Last week's rain delivered 10mm to our catchments

There could be some patchy falls over our catchments in the next week as showers and storms develop along the ranges. But it'll otherwise be hot and dry with sunny tops of 26 degrees in the east 30 degrees for western suburbs. The winds will whip pollen levels back up to high tomorrow so keep those tissues handy. Roscoe. And that's Seven News to now. 'Today Tonight' with Anna Coren is next. I'm Ian Ross. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Lethal weapons. Family cars so wrecked, they go one way when the steering wheel is turned the other. Hello, I'm Anna Coren. Tonight we ask how do they pass roadworthy tests by approved inspectors? Thousands of Australian women trapped by illegal scalpel tourism operators. We catch them, in the act. Blind, deaf and a former Young Australian Of The Year, but the victim of discrimination by Virgin Blue. Stop smoking, lose weight. The hypnotist who claims he can make it all happen in an hour. We put him to the test. Recently, we exposed a whole trade in repairable write-offs. Cars so badly wrecked the owners walked away with an insurance company cheque. But then sold as repairable to recover their money. There are more than 10,000 such cars on our roads that wouldn't pass inspection. Unless, it seems, they're approved by the motoring organisation, the RACV. Andrew Bourke reports. It's definitely a death trap. The vehicle certainly cannot drive straight or track straight

or brake straight or steer. If I had been in an accident with that car

I'd have likely been killed or permanently disabled. This car is so dangerous

it should never have been allowed on Australian roads. It's a shocking job. Whoever repaired it shouldn't be in the business. You assume that it's alright to go ahead

and that you're not getting a lemon. owner Roz Hellicar was assured the lethal weapon was roadworthy. The guy said "That's OK, nothing to worry about, no problem, "go ahead and buy it". Intending to give the vehicle to her son as a birthday gift Roz had it re-inspected, horrified to learn the 1999 Ford Laser she bought privately five years ago was an accident waiting to happen. The car itself, as I understand, before I bought it had been in a very severe front-end crash and that wasn't picked up at all by the RACV.

As far as the RACV go I don't believe they would have hoistered this vehicle. It was obviously done as the vehicle was sitting on the ground and basically a walk-around inspection checking tyres, windscreen, average bits and pieces