Title So where the bloody hell are you?
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Date 23-02-2006
Author BAILEY, Fran, (former Member)
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Cover date Thursday, 23 February 2006
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So where the bloody hell are you?

Media Release The Hon Fran Bailey, MP

23 February 2006

So Where the Bloody Hell Are You?

Challenging tourists to make the decision to come to Australia now is the centrepiece of the new $180 million international tourism ad campaign - launched today by the Tourism Minister Fran Bailey.

So Where the Bloody Hell Are You? is our unique and familiar invite to our overseas friends to visit Australia immediately.

“So Where the Bloody Hell Are You? is a campaign designed to make tourists sit up and take notice, and book their trip right away. It is a distinctively Australian invite that says come to our place now,” Fran Bailey, Minister for Small Business and Tourism, said today.

“The new campaign features our best assets - everyday Australians enjoying everyday Australia. It is unashamedly Australian and celebrates our personality, our lifestyle and our environment.

“Every global survey reports Australia is one of the most desired places to visit - but is seen as a ‘can wait’ destination. So Where the Bloody Hell Are You? will try to ‘cut through’ and convince tourists that coming Down Under can’t wait any longer.”

The new ad will be rolled out in the next few weeks to our key tourism markets, including China, Japan, India, United States, Germany and the UK. Initially $40 million will be spent on the campaign over the next four months. A further $140 million will be allocated over the next two financial years.

It was market tested in key markets by Tourism Australia and proved successful. The ad campaign will be mixed to suit local conditions.

“This new campaign has been developed with one purpose - attracting more tourists to our country to create more jobs. This will earn Australia even more in export earnings and help create an even stronger economy. This builds upon the Government’s record investment of $453 million in the tourism industry - the largest by any government,” Fran Bailey said.

To view the ad, please visit www.tourism.australia.com

Media contact: Kevin Lowe, 02 62777 450 or 0408 404 468