Title World literature today [electronic resource].
WLT : world literature today
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Imprint [Norman], [University of Oklahoma]
Author University of Oklahoma.
Date 01-01-1977
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Frequency Bimonthly,
LCSH Books -- Reviews -- Periodicals.
Literature, Modern -- 20th century -- History and criticism -- Periodicals.
Literature , Modern -- 21st century -- History and criticism -- Periodicals.
Notes The Abridged version contains the word "magazine" in the title on the cover; in the volume numbering on the spine and masthead page (inside front cover); and visually, the abridged version is about half the length of the journal edition. Inside, the pages in each edition are identical; only the covers, and the number of pages, of the two editions are different.
From summer/autumn 2001 to Oct./Dec. 2003, also published simultaneously in an Abridged, "magazine" version called: WLT: world literature today magazine. Cf. publisher 4/24/12.
ISSN 1945-8134
LCN 1275967
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