Second Reading
Database Senate Hansard
Date 04-12-1935
Parl No. 14
Electorate Victoria
Party UAP
Speaker BRENNAN, Thomas
Stage Second Reading
System Id hansard80/hansards80/1935-12-04/0020

MEAT EXPORT CHARGES BILL 1935 - Second Reading

Senator BRENNAN (Victoria) (Assistant Minister) . - I move -

That thebill be now read a second time.

This measure, which is supplementary to the Meat Export Control Bill recently passed by the Senate, is to provide a fund from which the administrative and other expenses of the Australian Meat Board will be paid.

Other export control boards are financed in the same manner, and the system has been found to operate smoothly and effectively. The bill will enable a levy of one halfpenny per quarter in respect of beef, one halfpenny per carcass in respect of veal, and one penny per carcass, in respect of mutton, lamb and pork, to be collected on meat exported. Corresponding levies are also imposed on piece meat and canned meat. The rates specified are in accord with the maximum. levies. recommended at the Commonwealth Meat Conference held on the 5th of October, 1935, which was attended by Commonwealth and State Ministers, and members of the Commonwealth Meat Advisory Committee. Provision is made whereby, on the recommendation of the board, lower rates may be prescribed by regulation. It is also provided that any meat may be exempted from the charges upon report by the board to the Minister. The actual rates of levy to be imposed, and the classes of meat to which they will apply are therefore matters for determination by the board. On the basis of export during the year ended the 30th June, 1934, the maximum levies that could be collected would provide the board with a fund estimated at £25,000. That sum is much larger than will be required to meet the administrative expenses of the board and the cost of the London representative, but, it is intended that there shall be an adequate surplus to provide for the flurrying out of judicious propaganda or advertising campaigns to promote the sale of Australian meat overseas, and for undertaking any experiments, which in the opinion of the board, are calculated to improve the quality of Australian meat intended for export. Other boards already in existence advertise extensively, and each year utilize the larger portion of their revenue for this purpose. In this they are assisted by the Commonwealth Government, with the result that in no ca.sp has it yet been found necessary to impose flip maximum rate of levy. It is anticipated that the Australian Mont Hoard w'11 be in much the same position as other boards. Nevertheless it is desirable that the rates specified in the hill shall provide a margin for any contingency that might arise. A similar system has been adopted in other instances, and I commend the bill to the favorable consideration of the Senate.

Debate (on motion by SenatorGovlings) adjourned.

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