Database Senate Hansard
Date 15-04-1915
Parl No. 6
Party ALP
Speaker PEARCE, George
System Id hansard80/hansards80/1915-04-15/0018


Senator PEARCE (WESTERN AUSTRALIA) (Minister for Defence) - The answer is-

There call be no question at present of any arrears of deferred pay in respect of the members of the Australian Imperial Force at present serving, as such payment is only made on the discharge of members of the Forces. In regard to members who have already been discharged inquiry will be made as to whether there are any such payments in arrear.

Senator NEEDHAM asked the Minister of Defence, upon notice -

1.   What amount of underclothing is issued to members of the Australian Expeditionary Forces ?

2.   When is the underclothing issued?

3.   ls he aware that some members of the Forces, who have been in Broadmeadows Camp about three months, have only had one singlet and one pair of socks issued to them?

4.   Is he further aware that soldiers have had to buy their own underclothing?

5.   If soldiers buy their own underclothing, is the Minister in favour of refunding the amount expended in such purchase?

Senator PEARCE - The answers are-

1.   The following is the authorized free issueof underclothing for members of the Australian Imperial Force: -

Jackets, cardigan, 1. Belts, abdominal, 2. Drawers, pairs, 2. Shirts, flannel, 2. Singlets, 2. Socks, pairs, 3. Replacement as required.

2.   All essential articles of underclothing immediately on joining. Full issue when it is ascertained that men are likely to prove suitable soldiers, continue serving, and are definitely allotted to units. 3 and 4. No representations have been made to Head -quarters in this respect. There may have been some shortcomings in this respect, inasmuch as it has not been found possible to manufacture all articles of underclothing fast enough to meet requirements of replacement, supplies for overseas troops, and in camps.

6.   Every man on joining is supposed to be in possession of a certain amount of underclothing, and if a refund were authorized for making good any initial deficiencies in this respect, other soldiers might reasonably claim compensation for the underclothing they brought into camp. Furthermore, I am of opinion that it would not be found possible for the Department to determine all the differing conditions of the many thousands of cases which would require to be dealt with in this connexion.

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