Migrants: Deportations (Question No. 504)
Database House Hansard
Date 31-05-1973
Source House of Reps
Parl No. 28
Page 3052
Status Final
Questioner GARLAND, Ransley
Responder GRASSBY, Al
Stage Migrants: Deportations (Question No. 504)
System Id hansard80/hansardr80/1973-05-31/0181

ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS UPON NOTICE - Migrants: Deportations (Question No. 504)

Mr Garland asked the Minister for Immigration, upon notice:

(1)   What are the names of all aliens and naturalised migrants who have been deported from Australia since 5 December 1972.

(2)   In the case of each of these persons, what Is the (a) full name and address, (b) last usual place of abode in Australia, (c) date the deportation order was (i) issued and (ii) served, (d) date each left Australia, (e) section and Act under which each was deported, (0 specific reason each was deported, (g) (i) nationality or citizenship and (ii) former nationality or citizenship, (h) country to which each was deported, (i) name of any persons known to have accompanied each, whether related or not, and whether under a deportation order or not, (j) present address, where known and (k) name and address of any person known to have accompanied the deported persons to another country, whether having custody of the deportee or supervision of the travel of that deportee.

Mr Grassby - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   Table 'A' attached shows by nationality the number of persons deported from Australia from 5 December 1972 to 30 April 1973. This is the latest period for which statistics are presently available.

Note: The table of deportations, effected as provided in answer to Question 396 on 1 May 1973 (Hansard Page 1545), incorrectly showed in the cases of Malaysians and Yugoslavs that four and eight respectively had been deported during the period 19 December 1972 to 31 March 1973. The deportee shown under Category 'A' as Malaysian was actually Chinese. In relation to the Yugoslavs, one person ordinarily resident in Western Australia was deported from New South Wales and incorrectly counted twice, being included in the statistics of each of the two Branch offices of the Department of Immigration. None of the persons was a naturalised Australian citizen; Citizens are not subject to the deportation provisions of the Migration Act 1958-1973. Disclosure of the names of the deportees could be harmful to the names concerned and their relatives and that information will be withheld.

(2)   Most of the detailed information sought cannot be provided without researching the individual case files. However Table 'A* shows within broad groupings the grounds for deportation. Table 'B' their ages; and Table 'C the States and Territories of Australia in which they resided prior to deportation.

Each of the deportees was returned to his former homeland with the exception of one Yugoslav (deported to New Zealand where he was resident with his parents prior to entering Australia), and 35 ships' deserters for whom further sea-going employment was arranged by the responsible shipping companies.

Only those persons deported on criminal grounds whose records or past behaviour indicated a propensity towards violence would have travelled under supervision to their homelands. The normal practice is to arrange their movement aboard Qantas flights on which security officers of that Airline are travelling.

Although I would be obliged to withhold information which could be harmful to individual deportees if disclosed, should you be able to narrow the scope of your question, I shall endeavour to obtain some of the outstanding information which you require. In this respect the question which you directed to tho Prime Minister on 2 May 1973 (Page 1553 of Hansard) seems to indicate that you are interested particularly in Yugoslav deportees.

Whilst my Department does not receive information as to the action which is taken by foreign Governments when their citizens are returned as deportees from Australia, I am able to say that none of the seven Yugoslavs referred to in Table 'A' was deported on account of established involvement In terrorist activities.




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