Database House Hansard
Date 09-03-1961
Source House of Reps
Parl No. 23
Party CP
Speaker ADERMANN, Charles
System Id hansard80/hansardr80/1961-03-09/0064


Mr ADERMANN - On Wednesday, a week ago yesterday, I met the members of the Australian Dairy Industry Council, which represents the three bodies concerned - the equalization committee, the Dairy Produce Board and the Australian Dairy Farmers Federation - and they presented the industry's viewpoint upon the report of the committee of inquiry. I think their viewpoint concerning the controversial matter of a subsidy is generally known. In fact, the submission made to me has been publicized by them and has appeared in the press. They requested the Government not to reduce the subsidy until such time as costs decrease. That is, in effect, their submission. Having received the viewpoint of the dairy industry, I have reported to the Government and it has considered these matters. I hope to be able to issue a statement later in the day, if I can complete the case.

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