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Historic merger vote

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HISTORIC MERGER VOTE Joint Statement by Bob Herbert - Chief Executive - MTIA and Richard Seddon - Chief Executive - The Australian Chamber of Manufactures

There has been overwhelming support by industry for the historic merger of The Australian Chamber of Manufactures (ACM) and MTIA to form a new organisation, The Australian industry G ro u p _ (o -^3 *---------------

Almost half of the members of both organisations voted in the postal ballot conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). At the close of ballot today 96 % of votes were in favour of the merger (the detailed breakdown of the ballot outcome is attached).

Bob Herbert said this is an extraordinary expression of support by industry for the merger to lead Australian industry into the future. From the beginning there has been almost universal support from the membership of both organisations.

Richard Seddon said the high vote by companies is also very pleasing. The overwhelming support augers very well for the future of the Australian Industry Group and Australian Industry in general.

Before the merger is finalised, a statutory period of 30 days must elapse. It is anticipated that the Australian Industrial Relations Commission will then declare that 1 July 1998 will be the date upon which the new organisation, the Australian Industry Group, will come into


Mr Herbert and Mr Seddon said: The Australian Industry Group will represent companies across all sections of manufacturing, construction, information technology, telecommunications and other industry sectors. It will have a membership of 11,000

companies around Australia with a combined turnover of almost $100 billion of which $25 billion is exported. The member companies employ almost 1 million people.The Australian Industry Group will be a formidable body to represent the interests of Australian industry.

20 MAY 1998

Contact: Bob Herbert 0419 257 361

(02) 9960 8143

Richard Seddon 03 9698 4256 0414 256 240

Heather Ridout 0419 257 361 Director Public Policy - MTIA

Donald Alexander 0414 303 378 National Manager Policy and Communications - ACM