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Environment, Communications, Information Technology and the Arts Legislation Committee

Proposed additional expenditure, $8,605,000 (Document A).

Proposed additional expenditure, $1,923,000 (Document B).

In Attendance

Senator Hill, Minister for the Environment and Heritage Department of the Environment and Heritage—

Program 1—Environment

Mr Roger Beale, AM, Secretary

Subprogram 1.1—Environment Priorities and Coordination Group

Mr Robert Butterworth, First Assistant Secretary, Policy Coordination Division

Mr Mark Tucker, Assistant Secretary, Legislative and Environmental Data Branch

Dr Rhondda Dickson, Assistant Secretary, Environment Forest Taskforce

Mr Vivek Tulpule, Assistant Secretary, Policy and Accountability Branch

Mr Wayne Fletcher, Director, Strategic Policy Unit

Subprogram 1.2—Environment Protection Group

Ms Anthea Tinney, Head

Mr Mark Hyman, Assistant Secretary, Chemicals and the Environment Branch

Mr Gerry Morvell, Assistant Secretary, Environment Assessment Branch

Mr Malcolm Forbes, Assistant Secretary, Sustainable Industries Branch

Ms Jennie Ludlow, Assistant Secretary, Atmospheric Protection Branch

Subprogram 1.3—Australian and World Heritage Group

Ms Sharon Sullivan, Head

Ms Alex Marsden, Director, Historic Environment Assessment Section

Mr Daryl King, World Heritage and Wilderness Branch

Mr Brian Babington, Assistant Secretary, Australian Heritage and Education Branch, Australian Heritage Commission

Subprogram 1.4—Biodiversity Group

Mr Stephen Hunter, Head

Mr Gerard Early, First Assistant Secretary, Natural Heritage Division

Ms Alison Russell[hyphen]French, Assistant Secretary Biodiversity, Conservation Branch

Mr Andrew Campbell, Assistant Secretary, Sustainable Landscapes

Mr Colin Griffiths, Director, National Parks and Wildlife

Dr David Kay, Assistant Secretary, Wildlife Australia, National Parks and Wildlife

Subprogram 1.5—Portfolio Marine Group

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

Dr Ian McPhail, Head and Chairperson, GBRMPA

Dr Conall O'Connell, First Assistant Secretary

Mr Richard Kenchington, Executive Director

Mr John Tanzer, Executive Director

Mr Clive Cook, Director, Environmental Impact Management

Subprogram 1.6—Supervising Scientist Group

Mr Stewart Needham, Assistant Secretary, Uranium Mining Audit and Review Branch

Subprogram 1.7—Australian Greenhouse Office

Ms Gwen Andrews, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Janine Cullen, Manager, Sustainable Energy

Mr David Clarkson, Manager, Corporate

Mr Tony Marker, Manager, Energy Efficiency

Program 4—Corporate Services

Mr David Anderson, First Assistant Secretary, Corporate Management Division

Department of Finance and Administration Observer

Mr Giulio Cerasani