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Migration Act 1958—Section 486O—Assessment of detention arrangements—Personal identifier 1001347-O1, 1002306-O1, 1002361-O1, 1002613-O, 1002617-O, 1002621-O, 1002622-O, 1002628-O, 1002630-O, 1002637-O, 1002650-O, 1002655-O, 1002656-O, 1002659-O, 1002662-O, 1002677-O, 1002689-O, 1002697-O, 1002705-O, 1002717-O, 1002731-O, 2000004-O, 2000008-O, 2000010-O, 2000013-O—Government response to Ombudsman’s reports

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