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Australia-China Council - Report - Year - 1983-84

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The Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia


Annual Report


Presented 25 M arch 1985

Ordered to be p rin te d 28 M arch 1985

Parliamentary Paper No. 87/1985

Australia-China Council Annual Report 1983-84








Australia-China Council

Annual Report


Australian Government Publishing Service

Canberra 1984

© Com m onwealth of Australia 1984

ISSN 0727-2987

Printed by Canberra Publishing & Printing Co., Fyshwick, A.C.T.

Dear Mr Hayden,

I have pleasure in subm itting the annual report of the Australia-China Council for 1983-1984. This report covers activities of the Council during the fifth and last year of the chairmanship of my predecessor, Professor

Geoffrey Blainey. It lists all significant activities and grants during this period. I look forw ard to continuing the excellent tradition established by the Council in its first five years. On

behalf of the Council I express appreciation of your support and that of your Department.

Yours sincerely,

(Wang Gungwu) Chairman

Mr Bill Hayden, MR Minister fo r Foreign Affairs Parliament House CANBERRA, ACT 2600


What is the Australia-C hina C ouncil?......................... 1

Functions.......................................................................... 1

Objectives......................................................................... 2

Program s.......................................................................... 2

Review of activities 1979-84......................................... 4

M em bers.......................................................................... 6

Financial statements Appendix A Area studies............................................ 7

Appendix B Fellow ships............................................ 8

Appendix C Inform ation.............................................. 10

Appendix D Institutional lin ks...... ............................. 11

Appendix E Special e ven ts.............................. 12

Appendix F Study tours A: individual travel.......... 13

Study tours B: g ro uptravel ................. 14

Appendix G Adm inistration ......... 17

Appendix H Sum m ary of receipts and e xpe n ditu re ............................................ 18


What is the Australia-China Council?

The Australia-China Council was

established in 1978 to improve and de­ velop relations with China in the broad cultural field by the prom otion in each

country of a greater awareness of the other, and by the enlargement o f the areas of contact and exchange between

Australian and Chinese people. The Council is also intended to act as a focus for the collection, exchange and

dissemination of inform ation and as a source of advice on ways in which such relations may be encouraged. The Council comprised twelve mem ­

bers in 1983-84. At the end of June 1984 the first Chairman, Professor Geoffrey Blainey, was replaced by Professor Wang Gungwu. Council members are appointed for three years. The Chairman is appointed for five years. Members represent significant sections of the com m unity involved in exchanges with China. The Council secretariat under the Executive Director gives effect to Council policies and administers projects and grants.

The Australia-China Council co­

operates w ith Federal and State govern­ ment departments involved in official exchange programs w ith China, espe­

cially under the auspices of the agree­ ments on co-operation w ith China in culture, science and technology, and agriculture. The Council also co­

ordinates its program with activities organised by the Australian Academy of Science and the Academies of the Huma­ nities, of Social Sciences and of Techno­

logical Sciences which have separate agreements with their Chinese counter­ parts. The Council's chief counterpart body

in China is the Chinese People's Associ­ ation for Friendship with Foreign Coun­ tries.

Council activities are funded from a trust fund managed by the Council under the direction of the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

In 1983 the appropriation to the Trust Fund was $600 000, the same as in 1982. The Australia-China Council sponsors a regular newsletter which is distributed free through com m unity associations and to official and business addresses.

Enquiries concerning the newsletter should be addressed to the editor, Mr Ron Patten, at 37 Alexander Street, Crows Nest, NSW 2065. Mr Patten was appointed public relations consultant to the Council in August 1983.


The Australia-China Council was

established by an Order in Executive Council which set out its functions as follow s:

(a) to make recommendations to the M inister for Foreign Affairs in rel­ ation to: (i) ways in which visits to China

by delegations and individuals from Australia, and to Austra­ lia by delegations and indi­ viduals from China, may be promoted and enriched; (ii) the establishment and main­

tenance of exchange prog­ rams between Australia and China including the selection of persons to participate in such programs; (iii) the provision of assistance in

Australia to students and other visitors from China; (iv) the collection and develop­ ment of reference material re­

lating to China;


(v) the prom otion w ithin China of a greater awareness of Austra­ lia, and w ithin Australia of a greater awareness of China; (vi) the development of public

inform ation activities related to China; (vii) the provision of assistance to the Australian media on m at­

ters related to China; (viii) the encouragement and com ­ missioning of research

connected with matters of

direct importance to relations between Australia and China, including the encouragement and development of Chinese studies in Australia; (ix) the holding of conferences

and seminars in relation to any of the matters referred to in

paragraphs (i) to (viii) inclu­ sive; (x) the publication of newsletters and other publications related

to the activities of the Council.

(b) subject to the direction of the M inis­ ter for Foreign Affairs, to provide advice and inform ation to indi­

viduals and organisations and to the Australian media in relation to any matters referred to in sub­

paragraphs (a)(i) to (ix) inclusive; and

(c) for the purposes of form ulating re­ commendations referred to in para­ graph (a) or providing advice and inform ation referred to in paragraph (b), to consult with individuals,

organisations and Government de­ partments and agencies associated or concerned with the development of relations between Australia and China.


The objectives of the Council are:

• the promotion in Australia of a greater awareness of China; • the promotion in China of a greater awareness of Australia; • the enlargement of the areas of con­

tact and exchange between Australia and China and their respective people; • to provide a focus for the collection, exchange and dissemination of

information; and • to provide a source of advice on ways in which relations may be encourag­

ed, strengthened and developed.


In pursuit of the objectives outlined above, the Council has established the following programs:

Information program

to promote greater public awareness in Australia and China of the other country by publications, public meetings, literary and film creations, and to render assist­ ance to the media on matters related to China.

Special events program

in pursuit of the Council's aims to reach the wider public by means of sporting events, exhibitions, performances and other special events.

Study tours program

to promote contacts between profes­ sional and special-interest groups in Australia and China and to increase understanding and skills in particular areas of expertise by travel grants to


Chen Jinxiang, o f the N a n jin g A c ro b a tic Troupe, teaches A u stra lia n students in Wodonga, Victoria (AIS photo).

facilitate attendance at conferences, lec­ ture tours and short-term study prog­ rams, preferably opening up on-going exchange arrangements and new areas for exchanges.

Fellowships program

to promote longer-term teaching and study opportunities and collaborative re­ search in areas of mutual benefit to

Australia and China, particularly in disci­ plines not covered by other exchange arrangements.

Institutional, regional and local links program

to foster direct institutional and local links between Australian and Chinese adm inistrative, professional, academic and common-interest bodies.

Area studies program

to stimulate and assist research in

Australia and China on the other country, particularly with regard to the develop­ ment of Chinese language studies in


Grants are available under each of these programs. Grants are advertised in the press once each year, usually around February for the following financial year. Further information on grants is avail­ able from the Council.

The Council drew up an agreement with Qantas in August 1983 whereby all international travel by grantees and those involved in Council projects was channelled through that airline. Credit thereby established with the airline will

be drawn on in 1984-85 to promote

more exchanges with China.


Review of activities 1979-84

In March 1984 the Council conducted a review of its first five years work. The review pointed to the range and variety of projects funded as an indication of its success in achieving its objectives (see above). Some had been outstanding in

reaching a w ide public, such as the

Entombed W arriors exhibition which toured in 1983. Some had the potential fo r long-term effect on bilateral relations, such as the second jo in t press seminar in

November 1983, funding the first school textbook for Chinese language tuition, due to be published in 1984, or the

advice to Qantas on development of tourist traffic to China, leading to the

opening of direct air services from

November 1984. In a num ber of instances the Council has been able to initiate exchanges w ith China that have had no precedent in other Chinese international exchanges. In 1983 the Council assisted John Bell and a small group of actors from the

Nimrod Theatre in Sydney to make a tour of Chinese colleges. In May 1984 the Council and the China Association for Science and Technology jo in tly sponsor­ ed a seminar on regional planning for agricultural and industrial development.

Because of the Council's special status as a semi-official body and because of its good relations w ith both the Australian and Chinese Governments, it has been able to negotiate some unique events, such as the Chinese Sports Spectacular to tour Australia in 1985, and the first Australia-China Soccer Cup, which w ill

be held in China in November, w ith

sponsorship from Ampol. The review pointed to a few unpro­ ductive exchanges in earlier years, but concluded that there had been no m ajor failures that indicated the need for

changes in Council policy or adm inistra­ tive procedures. The Council noted that it

E ntom bed W arriors E xhibition, on d isp la y in Canberra (A!S p h o to )

had been relatively more successful in Australia than in China, where there was still a need to promote greater aware­ ness of Australia.

The Council also noted in its review that there were continuing problems w ith staff changes in the secretariat and w ith a growing administrative burden on the secretariat. The Council's working

relationship with the Department of Foreign Affairs was good. The grants program and the newsletter helped to broaden public participation in the Coun­ cil's activities and to strengthen its

accountability. The review noted that the Council's work had benefited greatly from the expertise of the secretariat in Chinese affairs and from the Council's regular contacts w ith Chinese officials.


John Bell, d ire c to r o f the N im ro d Theatre, Sydney, s p e n t a m o n th in China on a p ro je c t to teach E nglish th ro u g h dram a a n d w o rd gam es. The A u s tra lia -C h in a C ouncil fu n d e d the p ro g ra m w ith the assistance o f the Theatre a n d Lite ra tu re Boards o f the A ustralia Council, the S outh A u stra lia n in s titu te o f Teachers a n d the S outh A u stra lia n D epartm ent o f the Arts. M r

B e ll was acco m p a n ie d b y a g ro u p o f actors sh o w n rehearsing a scene fro m 'M e lb a ' before th e ir departure fro m Sydney. ’M e lb a ' is a com ic, m usic h a ll version o f the life o f A ustralia's firs t gre a t opera singer, D am e N e llie M elba (1861-1931). S h o w n fro m le ft: D eirdre Rubenstein, P hilip Dodd, John W alton, K im K rejus a n d Jo h n Bell. (AIS photo).

Advice on the development of relations with China

A report on Chinese students in Australia was subm itted to the Government re­ view com m ittee on private overseas stu­ dent policy in November 1983. The re­

port was carried out on behalf of the

Council by Ms Marilyn Hart. Copies of the report and the Council's submission to the committee are available from the Department of Im m igration and Ethnic Affairs, Benjamin Offices, Belconnen, ACT 2616.

The Council's submissions to Senate Committees on the prospects for trade w ith China and on a national language

policy have been published in Hansard together with the record of the Council's appearance before those committees on 30 May 1983 and 26 October 1983.


The C hairm an o f the A u s tra lia -C h in a Council, P rofessor Wang G u n g w u (left), fo rm e r C hairm an, P rofessor G eoffrey Blainey, and E xecutive D irector, Jo ce lyn Chey. (A!S photo).

Members of the Australia-China Council at 30 June 1984

Professor Geoffrey Blainey (Chairman): Ernest Scott Professor of History at the University of Melbourne; form er Chair­ man of the Australia Council; author.

Dr Stephen FitzGerald: form er Ambassa­ dor to China; trade consultant, Canberra.

Dr Barry A ldrich: General Manager, Corporate Affairs, CSR Limited, Sydney: President, Australia-China Business Co­ operation Committee.

Ms Suzanne Baker: film producer; pro­ ducer of The Human Face of China'


Dr Victor Chang: surgeon, St Vincent's Medical Centre, Sydney; honorary pro­ fessor, Chinese Academy of Medical Sci­ ence.

M r Graham Feakes: Deputy Secretary, Department of Foreign Affairs, Canberra.

M r Geoff Hogg: artist; Director, Arts

Workshop, Victorian Trades Hall Council.

Mrs Caroline Launitz-Schurer: Assistant Director, Queensland Art Gallery.

M r Les M artyn: President, Common­ wealth Games Association of Australia; President, Confederation of Australian Sport, Melbourne.

Dr W.J. McG. Tegart: Secretary, Depart­ ment of Science and Technology, Can­ berra.

M r Bruce Watson: Chairman, MIM Hold­ ings Ltd, Brisbane.

Professor Wang Gungwu: Professor of Far Eastern History, Australian National University, Canberra; form er President, Australian Academy of Humanities.

Dr Jocelyn Chey: Executive Director.

Address for correspondence:

Australia-China Council Department of Foreign Affairs CANBERRA ACT 2600

Telephone (062) 73 3311


Financial statements

Appendix A

Area studies

Chinese studies in Australia

Hanyu: Chinese fo r beginners, Volume 4 by P. Chang, A. Mackerras and $ Yu X iu jin g : trialling in Victorian secondary schools, and rewriting for publication in 1985 as an illustrated textbook for Australian students 40 702

Interpreter fellowships: advertising and interviews to select two candidates to train as high-level interpreter/translators of Chinese 2 399

University of Adelaide: fo r the Chinese Studies Conference, Adelaide, May 1984 3 000

Presentation of a paper on Council initiatives towards a Chinese language capacity in Australia at the Asian Studies Association of Australia Conference, Adelaide, May 1984 942

Oriental Society of Australia: Council purchase of copies of Austrina, a collection of Australian scholarly articles on Asia 1 250

C. Beamish: to catalogue objects held by the Bendigo Chinese Association 5 000

Australian studies in China

Professor Hu Wenzhong, Director of the Australian Studies Centre, Beijing Institute of Foreign Languages: research in Australia 2 945

R. Cheney: books for an Australian literature course at Suzhou University 336

56 574


Appendix B



Report by M arilyn Hartto the Australia-China Council on Chinese $

students in Australia for the Government Review Committee on Private Overseas Student Policy 2 294

China D a ily journalists Liu Dizhong and Zhang Xiaobei: attachment to the A delaide A dve rtise r 1 900

Xinhua jo u rna lists Wei Guoqiang and Hao Xiaoming: joint funding with the Royal M elbourne Institute of Technology of attachment to the M elbourne H erald 2 392

China D a ily staff member Cheng Huaxin: attachment to the Canberra Times 3 856

Science, technology and medicine

Gansu team to study sheep handling and property management at Haddon Rig, W arren, NSW: Bai Shanlin Losangzhaxi Duan Haiou (interpreter) 1 000

Dr A. A vo lio and Professor M. O'Rourke, St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney: to continue epidem iological research in Guangzhou and Tibet on the ageing of arteries 7 500

Dr Bai Yao, Capital Hospital, Beijing: research in endocrinology at Prince Henry's H ospital, Melbourne 8 207

Liu Jun, Institute of Geology, Academia Sinica: research on numerical m odels in geomechanics at the University of Queensland 8 050

Lu Yanzhou, Institute of Geology, State Seismological Bureau: towards research in Australia on thermoluminescent dating at the Australian National U niversity 638

Pan X infu, Lanzhou University: research into giberellin phytohormones at the A ustralian National University (1982-83 grant) 292

Wang M eichi, Institute of Plant Physics, Academia Sinica: im m unochem ical studies of symbiotic nitrogen fixation at Sydney U niversity 7 330

Yang Shulian, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Beijing: continued neurological research at Prince Henry Hospital, Sydney 540

Yu C hangm in, Nanjing Institute of Geology: joint palaeozoic coral research project w ith the University of Queensland 2 000


Zhou Kecheng, Beijing Astronomical Observatory: research at Sydney University on silicon chips for Chinese speech synthesis 6 850

Zhou Wanzhi, Changchun Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Academia Sinica: further research in interferometry with the CSIRO Division of Applied Physics 7 330

Social sciences and the arts

J. Anderson, teacher/scholar at Nanjing University 605

Deng Ving, Sichuan University: postgraduate studies in English language and Australian literature at Griffith University 7 330

Hua Fei, Shanghai Conservatorium: violin studies at the Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music 3 425

Undergraduate studies at the Australian National University: Li Jinyu, Nanjing University (history and political science) Ni Huaying, Beijing Foreign Language Institute (English literature) 6 504

Zhang Taijin, Beijing Institute of Foreign Languages: postgraduate studies in Australian history and literature at the University of Western Australia (sponsored by the Rotary Club of Mount Hawthorn) 2 500

80 543


Appendix C


Second Australia-China joint press seminar, held in Canberra and Lome, $ November 1983 26 620

(co-ordinator J. Wallace) attended by Chinese press delegation: Zhang Pei, Economic Daily Qian Xinbo, Institute of Journalism

Chen Hui,CV?/>?d Daily Liu Xiliang, Radio Beijing Li Yang, Xinhua Newsagency Ai Feng, People’s Daily Wen Dong, All-China Journalists Association (escort 0. Wang, Radio Australia)

Australia-China Newsletter: editorial fees to August 1983 and mailing costs 2 786

Ron Patten Publicity Pty Ltd: for publication of the Newsletter and for public relations and press liaison work on the Council's behalf 38 834

Australia-China Council Annual Report 1982-83 1 829

Advertising of Australia-China Council grants 8 634

Regional public meetings: Brisbane, Dubbo, Launceston, Newcastle and Perth 3 351

Translations 370

Framing of painting by John Pauli commissioned by the Council 65


Film Australia: further payment for film The Entombed Warriors' (1982-83 grant) 273 |l|

Australian Book Publishers' Association: catalogue for book exhibition in China 4 000

Ballarat Regional Office, Victorian Education Department: booklet and videotape for educational tour of Jiangsu 4 000

Australian Film Institute: for visit to China by A. McKibbins 1500

Australia-China Review: for publication costs 3 000

95 262


Appendix D

I nstitutional links


The four Victorian universities w ith Nanjing University 5 107

Murdoch University w ith the Guangzhou Institute of Foreign Languages 5 000

University of Melbourne with Nankai University, Tianjin and the Institute of Finance, Beijing 5 000

G riffith University with Zhongshan University 5 000

Footscray Institute of Technology: to establish a link with a tourism institute in China 5 000

25 107


Appendix E

Special events

Preparation for T h e China Connection', an exhibition showing historical $ links between Australia and China to tour museums in both countries 13 600

Australian Everest Expedition: preparation for the ascent of Mount Everest from Tibet (arranged w ith the help of the Chinese M ountaineering Association). Climbers: T. Macartney-Snape, L. Hall, A. Henderson, G. Bartram, G. M ortim er 20 000

International Cultural Corporation of Australia: for the China tour of the Australian landscape paintings exhibition 'M ood and Mom ent' 16 500

Preliminary planning for the Chinese Sports Spectacular tour 4 101

Tour of China com bining theatre performances and language teaching: Nim rod Theatre actors J. Bell, P. Dodd, K. Krejus, D. Rubenstein, J. W alton; teacher P. Kelly; organiser P. Ramsay 23 140

Lauris Elms w ith accompanist David M iller: opera recital tour of Beijing and Shanghai 10 344

Queensland Youth Orchestra: tour of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou 10 000

Musica Viva: Sydney String Quartet performances at the Guangzhou Conservatorium of Music 3 091

P. Ramsay: for a photographic exhibition depicting daily life in China to tour in South Australia 1740

Grants fo r sports exchanges

Australian Am ateur Diving Association: towards visit by Chinese diving team 400

Australian Am ateur Fencing Federation: team visit at the invitation of the Chinese Fencing Association 5 600

Australian Am ateur Rowing Council: fo r visit by the Chinese Olympic Rowing Team 5 000

Australian Table Tennis Association: to participate in the First Asian Cup Table Tennis Tournam ent in Wuxi 2 384

W averley Cricket Club, Sydney: fo r cricket equipment for presentation to All-China Sports Federation 400

116 300


Appendix F

Study tours A: individual travel

Visit by cartoonist Hua Junwu, Vice-President of the Chinese Artists Association in May 1984 escort M. Farquhar, G riffith University)

Science, technology and medicine grants

Dr A. Avolio, St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney: visit to Guangzhou to research the ageing of arteries

Dr G. Campbell, University of Melbourne, and Dr J. Campbell, Baker Medical Research Institute: visit to China to discuss the cell biology of atherosclerotic plaque

? Dr M. Katz, University of New South Wales: to attend the International Symposium on Precambrian Crustal Evolution in Beijing

Dr C. Larsen: South Australian W oods and Forest Department: to lecture on forest economics at the Beijing College of Forestry

J Professor H. Messerle, Sydney University: research on energy systems at the Central China University of Science and Technology

! Professor R. Penny, St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney: to lecture in China on clinical im m unology

Dr J. Schrader, The W alter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Melbourne: to discuss im m unology w ith the Beijing Institute of Basic Medical Sciences

Dr Wang Xiaom ing, Guangxi Medical College: research on brain hormones at the Howard Florey Institute of Experimental Physiology and Medicine (1982-83 grant)

Dr Xu Jiayu, Shanghai Second Medical College: discussions with doctors in Australia and attendance at Gastroenterological Society of Australia meeting

O th e r g ra n ts

Dr D. Ball, Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, Australian National U niversity: talks w ith the Beijing Institute of International Studies

Sculptor L. Beck and painter C. Masson: materials for architecture study to u r of China

Dr K. Bucknall, Griffith University: intensive Chinese language course at Sichuan University

Kai Tai Chan, One Extra Company, Sydney: choreographic work and :study of traditional dancing in China


9 717

2 500

1 000

1 000


3 500

1 500

1 072


2 176

1 500

1 076

3 107

1 201


G. Daly, Australian Confederation of Sport: to study training and coaching techniques in China 1700

G. Dreyfus: music teaching and performances in China 1 500

M. Field, literary editor, Sydney Morning Herald: visit at the invitation of the People's Daily 2 000

J. Hughes, Buddhist Discussion Centre, Upwey, Victoria: visit at the invitation of the Buddhist Association of China 3 000

Professor He Zhaofa, Zhongshan University, and Professor Wang Ningsheng, Yunnan Nationalities Institute: to attend the National Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Australia, Adelaide 8 184

N. M artyn: research in Xinjiang for a book on the Silk Road 4 387

H. M em m ott, Victoria College: to study ceramics in China 2 000

O. Strewe: to photograph ceramics in China 4 003

Professor Zhou Mingchen, Institute of Palaeontology, Beijing: to visit the Australian Museum, Sydney, and attend the Museum Education Association of Australia conference 2 540

Zu Shuming: to coach at the University of New England National Soccer Camp 1 500

60 763

Study tours B: group travel

From China

Delegation from the Chinese Association for International Understanding $ (CAIU), September 1983: Lei Jieqiong, Vice-Chairwoman, All-China W omen's Federation and CAIU Vice-President Gao Liang, CAIU Deputy Secretary-General Li Yining, Professor of Economics, Beijing University Li Xinhua, CAIU staff member Shi Zhongben, CAIU Council member (escort J. Liao, Radio Australia) 15 152

First hinterland scientists delegation, studying salt lakes and underground water in arid areas, October 1983: Gao Shiyang, Qinghai Institute of Saline Lake Research Liu Bingxin, Qinghai Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources Zheng Mianping, Institute of Mineral Deposits, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences Kang Jincheng, interpreter (escort R. Evans, Bureau of Mineral Resources) 7 824

The Chinese A sso cia tio n fo r In te rn a tio n a l U nde rsta n d in g delegation, p ic tu re d outside P a rlia m e n t House, Canberra. F rom le ft to rig h t: M r S h i Zhongben, C ouncil M e m b e r CAIU; M rJ . Liao, R adio A u s tra lia ; D rJ. Chey, E xecutive D irector, A u s tra lia -C h in a C ouncil; Prof. Lei Jieqiong, V ice-C hairw om an, A ll-C h in a W om en's F e d e ra tio n ; Prof. V. Prescott, A ca d e m ic-in ­

Residence, D e p a rtm e n t o f F oreign A ffa irs ; M r Gao Liang, D e p u ty Secretary-G eneral CAIU; M r Li Yining, C ouncil m e m b e r CAIU; M s L i X inhua, s ta ff m em ber, CAIU. (AIS photo).

Delegation from the Shanghai Branch of the People's Association for Friendship w ith Foreign Countries, November 1983: Li Shoubao, Vice-President, Shanghai Friendship Association Professor Zheng Huaimei, First Shanghai Medical College Professor Luo Xiaowei, Tongji University Zhang Xitang, W enhuiBao Wang Houkang, Wenhui Bao (escort G. Fletcher, Department of Foreign Affairs) 14 397

Guangdong media delegation, May 1984: Hang Zonghu, Vice-President, Guangdong Friendship Association Zheng Yuexiang, Guangdong Journalists Association Zhang Cong, Nanfang Daily Qiu Ling, Yangcheng Evening Daily Huang Hehai, Guangdong Provincial Television Station


Zhou Deming, interpreter (escort E. Pang, Radio Australia)

Delegation from the China Enterprise Management Association (CEMA), May 1984 Professor Pan Chenglie Liang Zhihong Chen Jiagang (escort S. Yen)

Second hinterland scientists delegation, June 1984, studying animal products processing: Li Weijiang, Inner Mongolia Light Industrial Scientific Research Institute Luo Chengying, North China University of Agricultural Sciences Yuan Guoqing, Yili Wool Textile Mill, Xinjiang (escort Yang Li, Chinese Association fo r Science and Technology)

Guangming Daily delegation, June 1984: Wang Qianghua, Deputy Chief Editor Zhang Changhai, Literature and A rt News Yin Yi, Correspondence Affairs Li Jingrui, Theoretical Research Zhang Chuandu, interpreter (escort J. Grant)

Delegation from the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (1982-83 activity)

Playbox Theatre Company: grant for Nanjing Acrobatic Troupe coaching visit to Albury/W odonga

Sydney University China Education Society: grant for Guangdong Bureau of Higher Education visit

Australian Council of Churches: grant for China Christian Council visit

Headmasters' Conference of the Independent Schools of Australia: grant for return visit by Chinese secondary school principals

St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney: grant for visit by four Chinese heart specialists to Australian cardiac research centres

ACT United Hockey Club: grant to play in Guangzhou and to host a visit by a Chinese hockey coach to Canberra

To China

Media delegation to China, April-M ay 1984, returning the CAIU visit: S. Baker, film producer W. McCarthy, Australian Broadcasting Corporation D. O'Sullivan, The West Australian D. Riddell, Adelaide Advertiser G. Taylor, The Age

9 513

12 799

6 575 i

10 818

1 447

12 160

4 500

5 024

2 750 ,

4 000

3 000



Pharmacology delegation, studying traditional Chinese medicine at the invitation of Academia Sinica: Professor J. Morrison, La Trobe University Dr E. Stack, Northern Territory Department of Health Dr G. Vaughan, Melbourne College of Pharmacology 11 252

Regional planning exchange: seminar in China, May 1984 Dr R. Powell, University of New England Dr B. Hardaker, University of New England Dr R. Jensen, University of Queensland Dr G. McDonald, G riffith University I. Johnson, Premier's Department, Brisbane Dr R. Sexton, Department of State Development, Adelaide Dr Tong Wu, University of Sydney S. Garlick, Hunter Valley Research Foundation 12 359

Artists delegation (1982-83 activity) 2 349

Film delegation (1982-83 activity) 1 327

Management studies survey group (1982-83 activity) 350

Australian Basketball Federation: to compete in the Beijing Women's International Tournament 3 000

Bocce Federation of Australia: grant for team tour of Beijing and Tianjin 2 200

Librarians from the Australian National University Library: grant for visit at the invitation of the National Library of China 3 410

150 225

Appendix G



Council meetings 11464

Executive Committee travel to China 5 274

Representation (in China and Australia) 3 439

Adm inistrative assistance under contract 2 554

Travel in Australia 1958

Printing and courier services 1610

26 299


Appendix Η

Summary of receipts and expenditure

Balance in Trust Fund at 1 July 1983


16 354


Transfer from Appropriation 600 000

Cancelled 1982-83 grant to Dr J. Campbell, Baker Medical Research Institute, Melbourne (new grant awarded in 1983-84) 1 000

Refund of unused portion of grant awarded to the Contemporary China Centre, Australian National University, for Chinese Modernisation Conference 1 022

Refunds of unused portions of other 1982-83 grants 2 185

4 207

Total receipts 620 561


Area studies 56 574

Fellowships 80 543

Information 95 262

Institutional links 25 107

Special events 116 300

Study tours A 60 763

Study tours B 150 225

Adm inistration 26 299

Total expenditure 611 073

Balance in Trust Fund at 30 June 1984 9 488

Wang Gungwu Chairman

Jocelyn Chey Executive Director