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New Parliament House - Joint Standing Committee - Reports - Proposed work in the Parliamentary Zone - Stage 1 of extensions to the National Library, 16 September 1982

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The Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia


Report relating to proposed work in the Parliamentary zone Stage 1 o f extensions to the National Library

Presented and ordered to be printed 21 September 1982

Parliamentary Paper No. 237/1982

Membership of the Committee

(32nd Parliament)


Rt Hon. Sir Billy Snedden, K.C.M.G., Q.C., M.P. Speaker of the House of Representatives Senator the Hon. H. W. Young President of the Senate


Hon. W. M. Hodgman, M.P. Minister for the Capital Territory and Minister Assisting the Minister for Industry and Commerce Senator M. A. Colston Senator G. J. Evans Senator K. J. Martin Senator A. J. Missen Senator K. W. Sibraa Senator B. C. Teague

Mr H. G. P. Chapman, M.P. Mr G. O’H. Giles, M.P. Hon. P. J. Keating, M.P. Mrs R. J. Kelly, M.P. Mr B. Lloyd, M.P. Mr G. G. D. Scholes, M.P. Clerk to the Committee

Mr D. M. Piper


Proposed work in the Parliamentary zone


Under clause 3 of its resolution of appointment, the Joint Standing Committee on the New Parliament House is authorised to consider and report on matters coming within the terms of section 5 of the Parliament Act 1974 as may be referred to it by the Minister responsible for administering the National Capital Development

Commission Act 1957, or by resolution of either House of the Parliament. Section 5 of the Parliament Act 1974 gives Parliament control over the erection of buildings or other work within the Parliamentary zone which is defined in the Act. Sub-section 5(i) of the Act provides as follows:

No building or other work is to be erected on land within the Parliamentary zone unless the Minister has caused a proposal for the erection of the building or work to be laid before each House of Parliament and the proposal has been approved by resolution of each House of Parliament. On 23 August 1982, by letters to the Joint Chairmen, the Minister for the Capital Territory, as the Minister responsible for administering the National Capital

Development Commission Act 1957, referred to the Committee the following proposal: Stage 1 of extensions to the National Library. The proposal was tabled in the Senate on 26 August 1982 and in the House of

Representatives on 24 August 1982. The Committee has considered the proposal and reports as follows. Design of the extension has been developed in accord with the original architectural master plan for the National Library and comprises 7000 square metres

of extension to the podium levels of the existing building. The extension at Lower Ground Floor 1 level will provide additional space for the Music, Map and Sound libraries and AUSINTEL facilities, including new reading areas, open stack areas and a foyer-exhibition area.

The Lower Ground Floor 2 level will be extended to include additional stack areas with specialised environmental controls as well as additional stack areas for the General Collection. The Committee notes that the estimated cost of the work is $ 12.6m.

The project will not adversely affect the Parliamentary zone. The Committee recommends that Parliament approve the proposal in the terms of the Parliament Act 1974.

(Harold Young) (B. M. Snedden)

President o f the Senate Speaker o f the House o f


16 September 1982


Printed by Authority by the Commonwealth Government Printer. Canberra 1982

I —(R82/810) Cat. No. 82 1895 3 ISBN 0 644 02261 2 (Pari. Paper) ISSN 0727-4181