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Migration Act 1958—Section 486O—Assessment of detention arrangements—Personal identifier 1000037-O1, 1000373-O2, 1000850-O1, 1000854-01, 1001135-O1, 1001593-O2, 1002270-O2, 1002293-O2, 1002353-O2, 1002486-O1, 1002489-O1, 1002496-O1, 1002554-O1, 1002575-O1, 1002580-O1, 1002746-O, 1002754-O, 1002803-O, 1002806-O, 1002809-O, 1002810-O, 1002811-O, 1002813-O, 1002815-O, 1002817-O—Commonwealth and Immigration Ombudsman’s reports—Report No. 18 of 2018

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