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Migration Act 1958—Section 486O—Assessment of detention arrangements—Personal identifier 1000230-O, 1000516-O2, 1000557-O1, 1000857-O2, 1000934-O2, 1001037-O2, 1001062-O, 1001247-O1, 1001286-O1, 1001444-O2, 1001618-O2, 1001820-O2, 1002212-O2, 1002229-O2, 1002274-O2, 1002339-O2, 1002343-O2, 1002351-O2, 1002463-O1, 1002484-O1, 1002494-O1, 1002495-O1, 1002497-O1, 1002500-O1, 1002510-O1, 1002538-O1, 1002555-O1, 1002558-O1, 1002559-O1, 1002561-O1, 1002578-O1, 1002581-O1, 1002747-O, 1002757-O, 1002793-O, 1002796-O, 1002801-O, 1002808-O, 1002812-O, 1002814-O, 1002820-O, 1002821-O, 1002823-O, 1002824-O, 1002827-O, 1002830-O, 1002838-O, 1002852-O—Commonwealth and Immigration Ombudsman’s reports—Report No. 19 of 2018

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