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Migration Act 1958—Section 486O—Assessment of detention arrangements—Personal identifier 1000030-O1, 1000034-O1, 1000267-O1, 1000279-O1, 1000374-O, 1000785-O1, 1000875-O1, 1000880-O1, 1001113-O1, 1001141-O1, 1001237-O1, 1001304-O1, 1001305-O1, 1001728-O1, 1001842-O1, 1001847-O1, 1002163-O1, 1002354-O1, 1002360-O1, 1002383-O1, 1002566-O, 1002575-O, 1002582-O, 1002626-O, 1002631-O, 1002636-O, 1002639-O, 1002644-O, 1002654-O, 1002732-O—Government response to Ombudsman’s reports

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