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Migration Act 1958—Section 486O—Assessment of detention arrangements—Personal identifier 1001131-O1, 1001173-O1, 1001175-O1, 1001289-O1, 1001377-O2, 1001645-O1, 1001646-O1, 1001690-O1, 1001697-O1, 1002112-O1, 1002168-O1, 1002200-O2, 1002310-O1, 1002344-O1, 1002356-O1, 1002408-O1, 1002550-O1, 1002603-O, 1002610-O, 1002616-O, 1002618-O, 1002623-O, 1002641-O, 1002657-O, 1002663-O, 1002671-O, 1002673-O, 1002679-O, 002691-O—Commonwealth and Immigration Ombudsman’s reports—Report No. 5 of 2018

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