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Migration Act 1958—Section 486O—Assessment of detention arrangements—Personal identifier 1000512-O1, 1000677-O, 1000727-O1, 1000790-O, 1000908-O, 1000994-O, 1001101-O, 1001267-O1, 1001529-O1, 1002065-O, 1002151-O, 1002228-O1, 1002240-O1, 1002260-O1, 1002278-O1, 1002339-O1, 1002343-O1, 1002368-O1, 1002497-O, 1002499-O, 1002502-O, 1002504-O, 1002517-O, 1002540-O, 1002541-O, 1002548-O—Government response to Ombudsman’s reports

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