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Industry Commission Amendment Bill 1995

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House: House of Representatives

Portfolio: Treasury

Commencement: Royal Assent

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The Bill is intended to allow greater flexibility in the operations of the Industry Commission by allowing part time Commissioners, increasing the number of Commissioners and increasing the scope for Commissioners to act for each other.


The Industry Commission's (IC) principal function is to inquire publicly into and report on matters referred to it by the Commonwealth Government. The IC's work is aimed at assisting governments to determine where and how they can sustain and build on past efforts to improve the performance of the Australian economy. The IC also seeks to enhance industry and community understanding of the benefits and costs of the changes Australia needs to make to increase growth and living standards.

Recent inquiries have covered almost all major components of economic infrastructure, several key areas of social infrastructure, and dealt with issues of regulation, industry assistance, the operation of capital and labour markets, Commonwealth- State relations, and the environment.

The 1995- 96 Budget appropriation for the Industry Commission was $19.2 million - almost 20% lower than the previous year.

Main Provisions

Item 1 of the Schedule increases the maximum number of Commissioners from 8 to 11.

Items 2 and 3 of the Schedule allow for the appointment of part- time Commissioners.

Item 12 of the Schedule enables a single Commissioner to preside at a public hearing if all of the other Commissioners are unavailable.

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8 November 1995

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Commonwealth of Australia 1995

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