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Petrol Commissioner fails again.

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Fri, 30th January 2009

PETROL COMMISSIONER FAILS AGAIN Luke Hartsuyker MP Shadow Minister for Competition Policy and Consumer Affairs Deputy Manager of Opposition Business in the House

Petrol Commissioner Joe Dimasi has again failed motorists with his comments on recent petrol price increases in Melbourne, the Shadow Minister for Competition Policy and Consumer Affairs, Luke Hartsuyker, said today (Friday).

As the price for unleaded petrol rose by up to 18 cents per litre at the top of weekly price cycle, the Commissioner was quoted in the Melbourne Age as saying that, given the economic circumstances, he was urging retailers to moderate their increases.

“Is this the best he can do?” asked Mr Hartsuyker. “In the first place, it doesn’t matter whether the economy is booming or busting, motorists shouldn’t be paying a cent more for their petrol than a fair market price.

“Secondly, if it’s not a fair market price, why isn’t the Commissioner doing something about it? It’s just not good enough for a consumer watchdog earning $400,000 a year just to ‘urge’ retailers moderate their prices.

“If they are charging a fair market price, why should they drop it? If they are price gouging, why should they take any notice of being ‘urged’ to cut their prices?

“The response is typical of the weasel words that the Commissioner always uses on the issue of prices. I have recently raised with him the relatively high price of diesel and LPG and the response was that these prices are constantly monitored.

“Motorists monitor prices themselves every time they go to the bowser. They want action if they’re being taken for a ride. All they’re getting from the Petrol Commissioner is platitudes

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