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High quality home nursing continues for veterans

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The Hon Bruce Scott MP Minister for Veterans’ Affairs

Media Release Federal Member for Maranoa


11 February 1998


A new system devised to ensure veterans continue to receive high quality home nursing is due to commence in May 1998, the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Mr Bruce Scott, said today.

The new system, which has been introduced after more than 12 months of consultation, does not alter veterans’ entitlements to home or community nursing. However, it establishes new arrangements between the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and community nursing providers,

which require providers to meet high standards of nursing care.

“To date, more than 150 community nursing providers covering 95 per cent o f veterans needing community nursing care have accepted new contract?, offered by the Department of Veterans* Affairs. I expect more to follow,” the Minister said

“In the event that any existing community nursing providers do not elect to continue providing nursing services to veterans, arrangements will be put in place to ensure those veterans continue to receive the care they require.

“I want to assure veterans that there has been no change to th-air entitlements. They will continue to receive whatever level o f care they require, when they require it and for however long they require it,” the Minister said.

The new system also formalises the rights and obligations of both the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and community nursing providers.

“A new fee structure has been set up to ensure that the community nursing provider is compensated for providing whatever level of care is required by the veteran. The fees cover current community nursing salaries, transport, consumables and managerial costs. Special provision has been made for payment o f cases requiring extremely high levels of care.

“The principles of the new system have the support of the peak nursing bodies. A number of individual community nursing agencies and organisations have written welcoming the new arrangements,” the Minister said.

Veteran representatives were invited to participate in consullative workshops on the proposed community nursing changes along with nursing representatives. As well, the veteran community has been kept informed about the changes through a national veteran committee, the National Treatment Monitoring Committee, which is responsible for monitoring health care o f veterans throughout Australia.

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