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Prayer rooms banned under Building the Education Revolution.

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Prayer rooms banned under Building the Education Revolution

The Guidelines for the Building the Education Revolution funding released today reveal that schools cannot use maintenance funding to refurbish a prayer room - or indeed any building associated with religious use.

“It seems unusual that the Deputy Prime Minister would specially restrict the use of funding being given to non-government schools that would prevent them from improving facilities for their students to enhance their religious instruction,” Christopher Pyne, the Shadow Minister for Education said today.

“Similarly the ridiculous idea that air-conditioning and heating can’t be installed further compounds the fact that this program isn’t about what schools need at all. It is political correctness gone mad,” he said.

Another unusual requirement appears to be that the Deputy Prime Minister “must be invited to all opening ceremonies”.

“The guidelines specifically require that all schools must invite the ‘Deputy Prime Minister’ to the openings of what will be thousands of buildings and facilities this spending package will fund,” Mr Pyne said.

“Will the real Julia Gillard be attending all these ceremonies, or will she be sending Gillard impersonators? Who will her appointed representatives be if she is unable to attend?

“If Ms Gillard were to change her Education Portfolio, but retain the Deputy Prime Ministership then would she still be invited to events rather than the Education Minister? These guidelines say yes.

“This is another example of Ms Gillard having too much on her plate to take notice of the fine detail. Australian schools need a full time Education Minister,” Mr Pyne said.

February 25, 2009


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