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AFP audit: Rudd's way of cutting more funding.

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Thu, 29th January 2009

AFP AUDIT: RUDD'S WAY OF CUTTING MORE FUNDING? The Hon Sussan Ley MP Shadow Minister for Justice and Customs

The Coalition is concerned that the Rudd Labor Government will use the audit of the Australian Federal Police (AFP), announced today by Home Affairs Minister Bob Debus, as a way to take more funding away from Australia’s front-line policing and national security agency.

Shadow Minister for Justice and Customs, Sussan Ley said the Rudd Government used their first Budget to cut funding to most of Australian national security agencies, including the AFP.

Since then the Finance Minister, Lindsay Tanner, announced that this year’s razor gang would be “even more intense” (ABC Radio, Monday December 22, 2008).

“We hold concerns that the Government will use this audit as an excuse to cut the AFP’s funding once again,” she said.

“It doesn’t take an audit to realise that for the AFP to function effectively it must be taken off the Rudd Government’s starvation diet,” Ms Ley said.

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