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Warnings on unsafe L.P.G. conversions

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The Motor Vehicle ’ Registry is investigating ways of countering

the many unsafe LPG conversions being presented at the Registry.

DCT's Assistant Secretary, Traffic and Transport, Dr Ken Davidson,

today .appealed to those involved in conversions to observe basic

safety rules which include:

. the gas container and all connections must be completely

separated from the passenger compartment so that any leaking gas

cannot penetrate, into the passenger area

the compartment containing the gas cylinder must be vented and

the relief valve piped to the exterior of the vehicle

the. gas cylinder and connections must be fitted securely to

structurally strong parts of the vehicle and in such- a way as

not to structurally weaken either the vehicle or the cylinder

all of the p i p e s , hoses, couplings and fittings used throughout

the system must be of types approved for LPG and installed to

the proper standard o f 'workmanship.

A disturbing number of conversions presented at the Registry did not

meet these essential standards and had to be rejected.

New arrangements for dealing with LPG conversions would be designed to

remove the uncertainty which now surrounds both the acceptability

of conversions and the nature of the1 inspection required. It is also

hoped that a considerable degree of standardisation between similar

vehicles, will be achieved and that over a time it will be possible to

identify, to the benefit of those wishing to convert, the most ,

appropriate and economical, conversion technique. ‘

The Registrar of Motor Vehicles will be meeting with fitters operating

in the LPG conversion field to discuss the new arrangements. ( Qualified

tradesmen who wish to participate s h o u l d .contact the Registrar without



Dr Davidson reminded owners that converted vehicles are required o ®

by law to be presented at the Motor Registry within seven days of ,, . ' L . ' - .

conversion. . 1 ®

An. information leaflet on the use of LPG as motor vehicle fuel and

vehicle conversion is available' from the Motor Vehicle Registry at

Dickson and the Phillip Testing Station.

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