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Price of Christmas Island phosphate rock

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ΡΈΐ ίΦΐΊ'Ί GtirPrL. - / V o FRIDAY, AUGUST 31, 1979



The British Phosphate Conmissioners (EPC)"' announced today that the price of Christmas Island Phosphate rock will rxse by $4 per. tonne with effect from 1st October. .

■ Normally variations in the price of Phosphate rock are made at annual intervals,. the last change being at 30th June 1979. However the increase now foreshadowed has become necessary at this time to cover the addition?.! costs

incurred by the Christinas Island Phosphate Commission (CIPC) in giving effect to the decision to award employees on Christmas Island an additional $30 per week wages indexed, from 1st July. ' .

The situation will be reviewed again prior to 31st December. .

' The BPC/CIPC are non-profit making organisations which supply Australia's Phosphate requirements, about 30%. of which coins from Christmas Island.