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Mr. Whitlam's policy statements

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The Liberal Party of Australia 1- EDERAL SECRETAR1AT

File No. 443/1975 _ . .

November 2.5th, 19 7 5


Hr. Whitlam/s address to the nation has exposed the political bankruptcy of the Labor Party. The speeches he made in Melbourne and Sydney on Monday demonstrate that his Party is not fit to govern Australia. '

He appealed not to reason but to passion. .

He avoided mention of his Party's record in the management of the economy and summoned instead the preposterous spectre of an end to Parliamentary democracy if the Liberal-National. Country Party coalition is returned to office. .

The language in which he talks of his dismissal, .that of the coup d'etat and the assassination of the 29th Parliament - is a measure of his flight from reality. ' .

His appeal for a n 'end to the politics which divide Australians is belied by his own words and actions.

His diatribe is a misreading of the good sense of the electorate, Australians will judge what he offers at its real worth. .

The central issue of the campaign is not the whys and wherefores of Mr. Whitlam's dismissal, the question of whether the ■ Liberal National Country Party coalition or the Labor Party ■ is better fitted to manage the economy and effect its recovery. .

Mr. Whitlam offers no. new remedies to correct the errors of his administration of the past.three years. All he offers is himself. . ' ■

If Labor is returned to office we can look forward to ' .

continuing social and economic plight. . .

I believe Australians will reject this option, and return the Liberal National Country Party coalition. .