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New members of special broadcasting service

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FOR MEDIA: New Members of Special Broadcasting Service .

The Minister for Communications, Mr Ian Sinclair today

announced the membership of a new, expanded board for the

Special Broadcasting Service.

Mr Sinclair said that the new board would be increased from

four members to seven and appointments would be for varying

periods of up to three years. '

Mr Sinclair said that following consideration of the Report of

the Senate Standing Committee on Education and the A r t s 1 Inquiry

into the Broadcasting and Television Bill (1980) the

Government had decided not to proceed with the establishment

of the proposed Independent and Multicultural Broadcasting

Corporation (IMBC) at this time.

All Multicultural and Multilingual Broadcasting including

television would be administered under the Special Broadcasting

Service and the Implementation Committee of the IMBC would

be abolished. ■

The appointments of all terms of the current SBS Board which

expired formally on 31 May were extended for one month until the

end of June, and the new Board would come into operation ori 1 July.

Mr Sinclair said that the new Board would be chaired by

Sir Nicholas Shehadie a businessman and former Lord Mayor of

Sydney. Sir Nicholas would be appointed for three years. The

other members of the Board would be:·

. Mr Frank Galbally, barrister, chairman of the

Australian Institute of Multicultural Affairs; 3 years;

. . . /2

2 ? Η r.% ,.

. . Mr Tony Bonnici, barrister, vice-chairman of the

Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria; 3 years;

. Mr Garvin Rutherford, Chief Executive of the 2SM

Group; 2 years;

. Mr James Samios, solicitor, chairman Ethnic

Communities Council of New South Wales; 2 years;

. Mr Grigorij Sklovsky, chairman of the Special

Broadcasting Service since 1977; 1 year;

. . Mrs Fiorenza Jones, a welfare worker with the

Italian community in Brisbane; 1 year; ·

: The Minister said that the Government had also decided to

establish a new Advisory Council to the Special Broadcasting

Service. This would replace the former consultative, committees

made up of the National Ethnic Broadcasting Advisory Council

and the New South Wales and Victorian State Ethnic Broadcasting

Advisory Committees. Mr Frank Galbally would be invited to be

. the initial Chairman of the new Council, its full membership

to be announced shortly.

"I believe that these new arrangements will help in the orderly

administration and development of multicultural broadcasting in

this country," Mr Sinclair said.

"While welcoming the members of the new Board, I should like to

pay a special tribute to the fine work done by the retiring

members of the former Board: Mr V.B. Cassisi, Mr N. Hutchinson

and Professor M.J. Aroney. Together with the Chairman of that

Board, Dr G. Sklovsky, they have played an important role in

building a unique institution which gives due recognition to

the multicultural basis of society in Australia today.

"I would also like to pay tribute to the Chairman and members

of the IMBC Implementation Commitee and the valuable role they

have played in the past year."

'26 June 1981