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Britain's Submarine Chief visits Australia

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No. 261.


Navy Public Relations.



Australia will receive a visit later this month from the " ·

Admiral in Charge of the Royal Navy's submarine fleet; ■ '

The Minister for the Navy, Senator Gorton, said today

that the Flag Officer Submarines, Rear Admiral H.S. MacKenziej

D.S.O., D.S.C., would arrive in Sydney on 26th March. '

' During six days in Australia, Admiral MacKenzie will

inspect the Fourth Submarine Division based in Sydney and hold

top level talks in Canberra on submarine warfare.

In Sydney, the Admiral will inspect the ships' companies

of the three Royal Navy submarines at present serving with the

Fourth Submarine Division - TAPIR, TRUMP and TABARD. He will

attend a recommissioning service for H.M.S. TABARD which has been

undergoing a refit at Cockatoo Island Dockyard. The recommissioning

ceremony, to be held at the R.A.N. Torpedo Establishment at Neutral

Bay on 27th March, will be conducted by the Archbishop of Sydney,

Dr, Hugh Gough. '

While in Sydney, Admiral MacKenzie will also inspect Garden

Island and.Cockatoo Dockyards and visit the Submarine Memorial Park

at Parramatta. .

Admiral Mackenzie will fly to Canberra on the 29th for two

days of talks with members of the Naval Board. He will leave

Australia for New Zealand on 31st March.

. A highlight of"the Admiral's visit is likely to be his

gathering with members of the Submarine Old Comrades Association

in Sydney on 27th March. Admiral MacKenzie has had a distinguished

career as a submariner, beginning when he took command of a submarine

'in 194-1. He commanded submarines in the Mediterranean and Pacific

during the Second World War. .

While commanding H.M.S.· THRASHER in 1942, two members,

of his crew were awarded the V"„C. for removing bombs from the

casing of their submarine which had been counter attacked after

sinking an enemy ship. Admiral Mackenzie, then a lieutenant, was

awarded the D.S.C. .

Meanwhile, another distinguished Naval visitor is due in

Australia tomorrow. He is Commodore L.S. Stunners, the Second

Member of the New Zealand Naval Board, who will arrive in Sydney

in H.M.N.'Z.S. TARANAKI. . ■ -

Canberra, 14th March, 1962.