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Announcement of restructured trade development council

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Minister for Trade the Hon. J S Dawkins, M .P



The Minister for Trade, the Hon J S Dawkins MP, today announced the restructuring of the Trade Development Council (TDC).

The Council has been reduced in size while subsuming the functions of two other advisory bodies - the GATT consultative group and the EC Advisory Group. The Charter for the new organisatin is attached.

This reorganisation of business-government advisory mechanisms forms part of a larger restructuring of the Trade portfolio. Legislation was introduced last month to change the Export Market Development Grants scheme and

this month will see the introduction of a Bill to establish the Australian Trade Commission.

The restructured Trade Development Council has been reduced in size from 43 to 14 members. It will be a tripartite body embracing Government, unions and business.

Although full membership is still under consideration, Dr Brian Scott, A.O., Chairman of Management Frontiers Pty Ltd and Mr Fred Peterson, General Secretary of the Clothing and Allied Trades Union have agreed to continue as Chairman and Deputy Chairman respectively. Other

members of the executive are the Secretary of the Trade Department, Mr John Menadue; Mr Laurie Carmichael of the AMWU; and Mr Ivan Deveson of G.M.H.

Emphasising the importance he attaches to the restructured TDC, Mr Dawkins said his intention is to attend personally its meetings. "The new TDC will be a more broadly- briefed, more cohesive and therefore more effective forum

for discussion and source of advice" said Mr Dawkins.

"The effective promotion of Australian exports, particularly in the rapidly growing manufactures and services sectors, is a key element in the Government's overall economic strategy", said Mr Dawkins. "This

requires the collaboration and co-operation of business, unions and government. The framework of the Prices and Incomes Accord continues to be central to that process, as reflected in yesterday's announcement by the Treasurer of an agreement with the ACTU that will permit the maintenance of real wages while simultaneously preserving

the benefits of the devaluation."

Contact Person: Bill Butler (062 727444)

5 September 1985 49/85



1 . The Trade Development Council will be a consultative body with

tripartite membership. It will provide the Minister for Trade, and

through him the Government, advice on substantive trade policies

issues. The TDC will also be a forum in which matters of concern to

business or unions can be examined and brought forward for the

Minister’s attention.

2. The members of the TDC will be appointed by the Minister for

two year terms with the option of a further term. Members will be

appointed so as to represent a wide range of interests,-but

appointments will be made on the basis of the personal contribution

they can made. . ■

3. Membership will not exceed fourteen people. The Secretary of

the Department of Trade and the Chairman of the Australian Trade

Commission will be ex officio members. At least four members will be

appointed to represent unions with the other members being drawn from

business, industry and academia. *

4. There will be joint Chairmen one from the business and one from

the union side. The Joint Chairmen, the Secretary of the Department • · ft '

and two other members, one from business and one from the union

movement, will form the Executive which in consultation with the

Minister will be responsible for the management of the Council's


5. The Minister will convene at least four meetings each year at

which he will preside. The agenda for such meetings will be as

approved by the Minister after considering appropriate

1 *

7< i suggestions from the Executive. As far as practicable the agenda forsuch meetings will traverse substantive, current policy issues.6. Other meetings may be convened by the Minister or the Executivefollowing consultations with the Minister. j I7. Members of the TDC will be available for consultation with the Minister as required.8. The Minister may form specialist committees for particular purposes in consultation with the Executive. Additional people may be co-opted by the Minister to these Committees.9. In particular, the GATT Consultative Group and the EC/Australia Trade Advisory Council will be established within the TDC.10. The TDC may, with the approval of the Minister, invite up to four distinguished visitors from overseas to undertake programs of discussion with the business community and the union movement.11. The TDC will be serviced by a Secretariat within the Department of Trade. The executive of the TDC will direct the work program of that Secretariat.12. TDC will operate within a budget allocation approved by the Minister each year within the Department of Trade appropriations.%