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Truss slams Labor Republicans

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Events of recent days have quenched any doubts that the ALP is determined to implement its party policy to make Australia a Republic by the year 2000 according to the Member for Wide Bay, Mr Warren Truss.

Mr Truss said Labor's new Prime Minister, Mr Paul Keating, has strongly endorsed Republicanism by denigrating the Australian Flag and now downgrading the current visit to Australia by Her Majesty the Queen.

Mr Truss said this will be the first time that the Queen has not been accorded a State Reception on a visit to this country. Her tour itinerary includes only a brief visit to Canberra with the main function being a morning tea in Parliament House.

"We have just spent millions on the most lavish Reception in memory for President Bush of the United States, but all we can manage for our own Queen is a cup of tea."

"There have been State Receptions for the Prime Minister of New Guinea, the President of Turkey and all other significant visitors to our country, but the Labor Government apparently does not consider the Queen to be worthy of such an occasion."

"Labor's disregard for the Queen and their own Oath of Loyalty to Her Majesty has also been demonstrated with the boycott by some Labor Members of the Queen's Opening of the New South Wales State Parliament, and Mrs Annita Keating's refusal to curtsy on the Queen's arrival. Mrs Keating's attitude to the Queen is in stark comparison with the way she and her family fawned and scraped in the presence of Mrs Barbara Bush."

Mr Truss said the Government's decision to charter a Qantas jet for the Queen's travel to Australia rather than use RAAF VIP aircraft is again in contrast to their attitude to their own travel.


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"Mr Keating uses VIP aircraft for every trip he makes, even to the football, and even when there are commercial services running in the same direction at the same time. However, for the Queen of Australia the Government chooses the cheaper Qantas option."

Mr Truss also criticised Mr Keating's denigration of the Australian Flag. He said Mr Keating's comments demonstrate yet again .how out of touch he is with real Australia.

"The Australian Flag is the most important symbol of our country and has been a crucial element in creating and maintaining the unity and spirit of our nation. The Flag evokes very deep feelings of loyalty and identification for all Australians."

"Mr Keating's attack on the Flag can be seen as yet another Labor party assault on our national institutions. In the same way as in the past, the ALP has sought to undermine support for the Constitution, the Constitutional monarchy and Parliament itself. '

He said the Labor Government has refused to support four attempts by the Coalition parties since 1985 to enact legislation to protect the Australian flag and Mr Keating's support for a different Australian flag is in line with his party's

determination to get rid of the Flag Australian's love.

Mr Truss described the Prime Minister's attack on the flag as insensitive and ill- conceived and a desperate attempt to distract attention from the economic chaos he has created in this country.


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