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Financial support for participants in community refugee settlement scheme (CRSS)

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From the Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs. The Hon. Ian Macphee, M.P.



The Government has decided to provide financial support to groups in Australia sponsoring refugees under the Community Refugee Settlement Scheme (CRSS) the Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs, Mr ,:Ian Macphee said today.

"The grants will be available to groups sponsoring their . second and subsequent refugee families and individuals under the Scheme".

"An amount of $135,000 has been set aside for this purpose. This initiative recognises the demands placed on the resources of sponsoring groups. . It should enable the participation . of groups which would like to participate but have inadequate

resources to do so.

"More than 2,000 offers of places for Indo-Chinese and Eastern European refugees were approved under the CRSS program in 1980/ 81", Mr Macphee said. "It is hoped to substantially, increase the level of participation this year".

"The Government sees the scheme as increasing Australia's capacity to assist refugees and enabling community groups in cities, towns and rural areas to become actively involved in receiving and caring for refugees".

Mr Macphee said that the subsidy was up to $400 for a family group or up to $150 for an individual. The actual amount would depend on the personal circumstances of the refugees and the expenditure involved on the part of the sponsoring group.

The grants will be available to eligible CRSS groups submitting second or subsequent sponsorship applications on or after 1 September 1981. Applications can be made on forms available from the Regional Offices of the Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs. .

"As a particular special purpose grant under the scheme, funds would also be made available to one of the most innovatory projects of the CRSS" Mr Macphee said. "The Monastery . Refugee Project at Glen Osmond, South Australia, under the

auspices of the Fathers of the Passionist Order, has thrown open its Retreat House for CRSS refugees, particularly those from Kampuchea. The Monastery Project has settled over

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300 refugees. I am delighted to be able to show support for this important program by announcing financial assistance of up to $24,000 per year".

"Schemes like this are introducing a new and welcome element into the pattern of refugee settlement in Australia".

Canberra 6 September 1981