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Eight honorary awards in the order of Australia

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FOR MEDIA 15 May 1985


Her Majesty The Queen has approved the Government’s recommendations for eight honorary awards in the Order of Australia.

The Constitution for the Order provides for non-Australian citizens to receive honorary awards. Recommendations are at the Government's discretion.

The awards comprise two of Companion, two of Officer, one of Member and three Medals of the Order.

Mr Hawke said that when making its recommendations the Government had in mind the high standards maintained by the Council for the Order in recommending Australian citizens for awards of honour. ,

Citizens of Japan, Denmark, Poland, New Zealand, Canada, France and Malaysia receive the awards. The three Medals in the Order have been awarded for outstanding service over long periods by locally engaged officers at Australian overseas diplomatic missions and establishments. They are the first honorary awards

in the Order of Australia made to locally engaged officers in foreign countries. . ·

The formal citations are in an announcement by the Governor- General of the Queen's formal approval of the eight awards.



Honorary Companion


74, Koishikawa 5-chome Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN

Citizen of Japan

Professor Okita, who has been a special adviser to successive Japanese Governments, has had a particular interest in Japanese relations with Australia over a long period. A former Foreign Minister of Japan (1979-80), he is presently Chairman, Japan- Australia Research Committee, Tokyo; Japan Committee, Pacific Economic Co-operation Conference; Chairman, Institute of Domestic and International Policy Studies, Japan and President,

International University of Japan.

As a major figure in Japan's academic, government and international relations scenes, he has a distinguished record of promotion of Japan's relations with the Asian and Pacific regions. He collaborated very closely over many years with the late Sir John Crawford AC QBE in pursuing these special interests and co-authored with Sir John the report "Australia, Japan and the Western Pacific: Economic Relations". He is regarded as the driving force behind Japan's study of the Pacific Community



3150 Hellebaek, DENMARK .

Citizen of Denmark "

Mr Utzon won an international competition in 1957 for a design for an Opera House to be built on Bennelong Point, Sydney. He was commissioned to supervise the construction of his design. In March 1966, Mr Utzon left Sydney before the project was completed. * '

The Opera House was officially opened by Her Majesty the Queen in 1973· It has since become a national and international symbol of the City of Sydney and of Australia and is acclaimed throughout the world as an architectural masterpiece. Its great success as a performing arts centre has contributed significantly to the development of the performing arts in Australia.

Mr Utzon has received international recognition for architecture through various prestigious awards.

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Honorary Officer


Aleja Arraii Ludowej 6/165 00-571 Warsaw, POLAND Citizen of Poland

As founding director (1973-79), Professor Toeplitz played a vital pioneering role in establishing the Australian Film and Television School in Sydney.

The School, which was unique in Australia, quickly gained national and international recognition as a training authority with graduates who have achieved positions of creative prominence in the Australian film and television industries and overseas

acclaim for their films and programs.

Before coming to Australia, Professor Toeplitz had an eminent and distinguished reputation in the film industry. From 1957 to 1969, he had been Rector of the Polish Film School which was regarded as one of the finest in the world.

Since returning to Poland he has maintained an active interest in Australia. He initiated and greatly assisted in the successful showing of a series of Australian films in Cracow in 1983 and the

popularity of Australian films in Poland in general owes much to his personal support and promotion of our film industry.


75A St Marks Road ;

RANDWICK NSW 2031 Citizen of New Zealand

Associate Professor Hollows was appointed to the Chair of Ophthalmology, University of New South Wales, in 1965, a position he still holds. In the early 1970's his interest in Aboriginal health problems led to his appointment as first President of the

Aboriginal Medical Service at Redfern, Sydney. He still serves as Medical Advisor to the Service.

Visits in 1972 by Professor Hollows to the Northern Territory and outback New South Wales confirmed the widespread prevalence of various eye problems, particularly trachoma, among Aboriginals. When the National Tradhoma and Eye Health Program was announced

in 1975, Professor Hollows was appointed its Director until 1981.

A formal report submitted in 1980 by the Royal Australian College of Ophthalmologists followed an enormous effort by Professor Hollows and his teams working throughout Australia examining the eyes of more than 100,000 people, mostly Aboriginals, and treating many thousands. Professor Hollows' report has served as

a basis for the ongoing campaign against trachoma.

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Honorary Member


2-9-1 Moto-Azabu, Minato-ku Tokyo, JAPAN Citizen of Japan

Mr Iwaki is the longest serving Chief Conductor of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. He took up the post in 1974, following a season as guest conductor the previous year. He was the first Japanese appointed in this capacity in Australia.

He has contributed in a significant way to the development of the Orchestra and the fine reputation it presently enjoys as well as to the appreciation of music throughout the Australian community in general.

Mr Iwaki has an international reputation as a conductor. Awareness in other countries of his work in Australia has helped raise Australia's musical reputation and cultural image overseas.

Honorary Awards of Medal


3 Rue Albert de Lapparent 75007 Paris FRANCE Citizen of France . .

Miss Atkin has served in the Trade Commissioner's Office, Australian Embassy, Paris, for over 30 years. She has served in clerical, secretarial and administrative appointments. Her duties have involved providing support for visiting Government Ministers, officials and business leaders as well as assisting with the organisation for different visiting missions.


Apartment 910 150 MacLaren Street Ottawa K2P 0L2 CANADA Citizen of Canada

Miss Barber has been an officer of the Australian High Commission, Ottawa, Canada, since 1944. Until 1975, she mainly served as secretary to successive High Commissioners. She has also undertaken special secretarial duties at the United Nations General Assembly and with the Australian Ambassador in New York

as well as various other special assignments.

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Since 1975, she has served as Administrative Liaison Officer at the High Commission. As the senior member of the Locally-Engaged Staff (LES), she performs an important liaison function between the management of the High Commission and the LES, as well as

acting as secretary of the LES Pensions Board.


27-G Lorong Kampong Melayu Pulau Pinang MALAYSIA Citizen of Malaysia

Mr Lim worked at the RAAF Air Base at Butterworth, Malaysia, for over 27 years until his recent retirement. He started as a Clerk General in No.2 Airfield Construction Squadron, which was the first Australian Unit to be established at Butterworth. Over the

following years he was promoted to other clerical positions. In 1966, he was appointed Certifying Officer in the Area Finance Office; in 1969, Clerk Special. Grade, Civilian Labour Office; in 1972, Senior Clerk and in 1979, Executive Officer, which was the highest RAAF clerical appointment available. Mr Lim undertook various special assignments over many years which contributed in significant ways to effective personnel administration at RAAF Base Butterworth.