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[Australian Government joins the Rome Convention]

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M NEWSRELEA SEATTORNEY-GENERALTHE HON. MICHAEL DUFFY MP24/921 July 1992The Australian Government has joined the Rome Convention for the protection of performers and record producers and broadcasters, the Attorney-General announced today. Australia's instrument of accession was deposited with the United Nations Secretariat on 30 June. The Convention will come into force for Australia from 1 October."The main benefit flowing from accession to the Rome Convention will be to ensure protection for Australian performers in other Rome Convention member countries", Mr Duffy said. "There are 37 other member countries, including the most members of the European Community".Membership of the Rome Convention had been actively sought by performers' representatives in Australia for some time, the Attorney- General said. It only became possible for Australia to accede following the enactment of performers' protection legislation in Australia in 1989. Subsequently, regulations had had to be made to extend that protection to performers from other Convention member countries.The move would also reinforce Australia's commitment to securing international protection for sound recordings, Mr Duffy noted. In that regard, Australia had been a member of the Geneva Phonograms (Anti-Piracy) Convention since 1974.The protection afforded by the Convention to broadcasters had the potential to become increasingly important with the proliferation of international broadcasting, the Attorney-General said. The Convention requires member countries to protect broadcasts against unauthorised rebroadcasting and recording."Accession to the Rome Convention continues the Government's active program of securing comprehensive local and international protection for owners of various copyright and related intellectual property rights", Mr Duffy said.COMMONWEALTH PARLIAMENTARY LIBRARY MICAH Contact: John ΕΙΙ λ λ 06 2777300