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Nutritionalists ignore the benefits of fightback!

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Media Release Dr Bob Woods Shadow Minister for Health no: 85


The comments by Jo Rogers of the Australian Nutrition Foundation sadly reflect only part of the picture in regard to GST on food.

Of course the Coalition is committed to promoting healthier lifestyles including balanced diets particularly for those in lower income groups.

What Mrs Rogers has ignored are the benefits of Fightback! including the increase in social security payments, the doubling of family allowances and the average 30% reduction in income tax. This means that families on average weekly earnings will be $38.00 per week better off. This means that all Australians will have more to spend on

foods, essential or otherwise, even after the GST.

The groups most advantaged by Fightback! are the very groups Mrs Rogers seems most concerned about - the lower paid and the elderly.

Clearly this is a knee-jerk response to the issue. Mrs Rogers confirmed today that they had made no financial analysis of Fightback!, and that the effects of greater disposable incoihes which will be available under Fightback! had not been examined.

Coalition analyses indicate that, as a result of the greater disposable incomes, individuals will not only have access to a healthier lifestyle but to a more comfortable one.

Under the Hftwke/Keating governments, the costs of essential foods have sky rocketed and, importantly for the lower paid groups, there has been no compensation for this extra burden. The poor and elderly have always suffered under the Hawke/Keating government. For example, under the Hawke/Keating government foods in the categories nominated by Mrs Rogers as being areas of concern have escalated by:

W h e r e w e r e Mrs Rogers a n d h e r g r o u p w h e n t h e s e m o n s t r o u s i n c r e a s e s w e r e o c c u r r in g ,

genuinely putting at risk the health of older and disadvantaged Australians?__________

Sydney Melbourne

Vegetables (Potatoes) Bread (Sliced white) Cereals (Breakfast) Meat (Lamb Chops)

Fruit (Bananas) 157%

91% 98% 168% 70%

172% 113% 81% 157%





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