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Beware - the really cheap overseas airline ticket - Jull

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ISSUED: 31/12/91

Beware - the Really Cheap Overseas Airline Ticket - Jull

Australians travelling overseas, especially in Asia, have been warned of an international airline ticket scam.

David Jull, Federal Shadow Minister for Tourism and Aviation, said today that police forces in South East Asia have been alerted to the scam which has already left a number of

tourists out of pocket.

Mr Jull said that the Australian Foreign Affairs Department had advised that the racket involves travel agencies setting up seemingly legitimate operations and then offering highly discounted airfares which have to be pre-paid.

Once the unsuspecting public have made the payment and the coffers are full the travel agency is shut up overnight - never to be seen again.

Mr Jull said that there were good overseas airline ticket bargains available from Australian travel agents and people contemplating overseas travel should purchase their return tickets before departure.

"There are protections with Australian agents through their registration system and compensation funds. However, Australians should also carry travel insurance to ensure they will not be stranded," David Jull said.

"Unfortunately, it would appear from the Foreign Affairs reports that people are buying a one-way ticket here with the intention of buying an alleged 'really cheap' ticket for their return journey.

"They can be caught out with this present scam which is being investigated in at least two Asian countries," David Jull said.

For further details contact David Jull on W(07) 343-8666 H(07) 343-7581