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National's federal conference votes to support Goods and Services Tax

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T im Fischer mr Federal Member for Farrer

Leader of the National Party of Australia

Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources


The Federal Conference of the National Party, meeting in Canberra today, voted overwhelmingly to support the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

The Conference, attended by delegates from National Party Electorate Councils throughout Australia, took just over an hour to reach this significant decision.

Federal Leader of the National Party, Tim Fischer, after the vote, said he was delighted with the win and said that he was encouraged by the support the Party has given him to develop the policies that Australia needs to get the economy going again.

"I do not deny that there is concern within the Party about the amount of information that is available in our GST proposal. This is genuine concern from people anxious to see us win Government and to get rid of the Hawke/Keating/Kerin troika, as they go about saving themselves at the expense of good government for Australia.

"The National Party’s mandate from Conference is for less taxation and for selling the message. I have given the undertaking that when the appropriate time for launching the tax arrives, it will be ‘all stops out’ across Australia selling the most sensible, equitable and fair tax proposal."

Mr Fischer said that a major element in the Conference’s decision to back the GST was delegates’ perception that the current wholesale sales tax regime that levies some $9 billion worth of hidden taxes on the community must go, and be replaced with the upfront, visible, fair and equitable Goods and Services Tax.

Mr Fischer added it was an absolute that all sales tax will be abolished and all exports will be zero-rated, pointing out that the family will also benefit with lower PAYE taxation.

Finally, Mr Fischer commended the role of the Young Nationals at the Conference in successfully moving both the key taxation and the constructive Urgency Motion on gun laws (passed unanimously).

Note: T h e f i n a l v o t e f o r GST w a s 95% i n f a v o u r .

Ends 7 September 1991 For further information, contact Mr Fischer at the Conference - (06)247 8365