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Government decides to allow advertising on SBS

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The Federal Government will allov advertising on 8B8 TV and radio under a new charter for the national broadoaeter.

The Minister for Transport and Communications, Xr Kim Beasley, eaid today guidelines covering the fora, content and placement of advertisements vould be sat by the SBS . Board after a period of public consultation, 1

Legislation to establish the charter will be introduced In Parliament in the Budget session and will allow the SBS to sell up to five minutes of advertisements or sponsorship announcements per hour and these may only be broadcast between programs or in natural program breaks.

The BBS will continue to be funded mainly from the Budget! and the limit on advertisements ensure· the SBS will not resemble commercial broadcasting, . ,

"The SBS however will have the opportunity of increasing its revenues substantially through advertising and sponsorship and will retain all revenues earned through these sources,· Kr Beasley said.

■This new arrangement should help the SBS Board meet the challenging task of providing broadcasting services which reflect Australia's multicultural society.·

He said the Government vould require the SBS to identify in its annual report sponsors and advertisers, the programs with which they vers associated, and the total amounts earned.

The ourrant statutory prohibition on advertising and sponsorship on ABC television and radio stations remained unchanged.

j f . Q ' t . Kim C Beazley, MP


6 June 1991

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