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Rudd joins Howard's nuclear boys' club.

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Australian Democrats Press Releases

Senator Lyn Allison Parliamentary Leader and Democrats Senator for Victoria Australian Democrats spokesperson for Energy and Resources

Dated: 30 April 2007

Press Release Number: sctihmpa Portfolio: Energy and Resources


RUDD JOINS HOWARDS NUCLEAR BOYS CLUB In a breathtaking betrayal, Labor has dumped its once courageous if ineffective anti nuclear platform, declaring it will endorse the expansion of uranium mining at its stage managed National Conference. "Labor's argument that uranium mining in Australia is safe is absurd.. One look at the Ranger and Jabiluka leaks and the legacy of radioactive tailings at abandoned mines tells a different tale Democrats Leader Senator Lyn Allison said today. Alarmingly, Labor now adds its voice to John Howards nuclear plan. Kevin Rudd's hypocrisy in saying he doesnt want nuclear power in Australia but is quite happy to sell vastly more uranium to countries that want it for energy or worse, plays right into the Prime Minister's hands. This was a chance to thwart John Howards dangerous obsession with nuclear enrichment and power by declaring an end to uranium mining. Labors opposition to nuclear power is now weakened to a whimper. And they will doubtless back down if the contracts to build these creaking relics have been signed by the time they take office if they ever do.

No new reactors have been built in the US for over three decades. Europe, the UK and other western countries have already ditched nuclear power as a future option. These countries have lived with nuclear reactors and don't want more of their toxic legacy. They, like us, can find cleaner ways of sourcing base load power.

The Prime Minister still hasn't caught on. He's been captured by the nuclear industry that sees greenhouse as its saviour from oblivion. Its a nonsense for him to claim coal and nuclear are the only options. If the Chief Scientist advised him of this where is the evidence?The Switkowski inquiry wasnt even asked to look at the alternatives. The Democrats say if Labor is serious about non proliferation they should be phasing out uranium sales and specifically banning current sales to countries that have nuclear weapons and have shown little interest in disarming such as the US, the UK, China and France. The commitment to supply only to NPT countries doesn't go far enough.