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Jezzine safe.

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Monday, 5 December 2005

Federal Member for Herbert, Peter Lindsay, today backed option one confirming that there will be no sale for development at Jezzine Barracks. “Our local community can rest easy knowing that Defence is retaining some of the land for defence purposes and that the majority of the land is to be handed over to the community,” Peter Lindsay MP said. “This will ensure that Townsville gets a magnificent extension to our

famous Strand and that the most historic and prime land will be returned to the community,” Mr Lindsay said. “I've been working on some very innovative ways to enhance the historic areas and to provide the connection from the Strand to Rowes Bay. “I have been impressed with the concept of a fully integrated Peace Park. Together with the RSL, the North Australian Military Heritage Association, Defence and the Council, we can plan and achieve an exciting experience for visitors in the years to come. There is also the opportunity to provide a spectacular connection from the Strand to Rowes Bay. “The current draft options look at land use and all options provide for community use. Under each option, the key heritage areas of the parade ground and the Kissing Point Fort area will be kept as open space. “People will again be able to take their families to this historic site and will have full and open access to the Kissing Point headland. There is no need for complex legal arrangements.” “I note the calls for a community trust. Trust arrangements are about how the land is managed. There has been a lot of talk about comparisons with Point Nepean or the Sydney Federation Trust,” Mr Lindsay said. “The community trust at Point Nepean is only a temporary arrangement for up to 5 years, Sydney is for 10 years. These trusts were set up as a way to transition from Commonwealth to State ownership for sites that are very complex. “Jezzine is not complex and can be sensibly handed over to the Council to be looked after as part of the Townsville Strand. “The heritage values of Jezzine Barracks and Kissing Point can be preserved with a Conservation Management Strategy and listing on the Queensland Heritage Register. This does not require the creation of a community trust. “I suggest a far better approach is to look at what the Council and the community want to achieve here. It seems to me that Council and the community want input into what is to be done on the land for community use and which is no longer required by Defence. “Put simply, I do not believe a Commonwealth community trust is the answer for Jezzine Barracks as there is no requirement or justification for it. Transferring the land to either the State Government or the Council is far simpler. If Council or the State wish to establish their own consultative processes, including a trust, they are free to do so. “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to bookend our magnificent Strand.”