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The proof is in the price tags.

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Federal Member for Chifley

PO Box 259 Mt Druitt   NSW   2770


For immediate release


24 Feb 00



"Peter Costello has said, repeatedly, that prices would not rise by the full ten percent with the introduction of the GST. He obviously has never shopped at Lowes Mensware." Mr Roger Price MP Federal Member for Chifley said today.


"Lowes at Penrith have been selling Bowls Shoes for $49.95 (pre GST). These same shoes will be sold, after 1 st July for $55.00. Not only has Lowes added the full 10% onto the price of their bowls shoes, but they have also rounded the price up by more than 5c to the nearest dollar."


"This flies in the face of the Treasurer's statements, and those of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)."


"If ever Peter Costello needed proof that his claims about the impact of the tax has been wrong, then the proof is in the price tags of the bowls shoes bought by a constituent of mine at Lowes."


"Bowls is a past time pursued mainly by the retired in our community. This tax already impacts negatively on their pensions and savings, and now to cop the full 10 percent, and then some, is simply a slap in the face for our elderly citizens."


"I have written to the ACCC asking them to investigate this matter." Mr Price said


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