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Deceit, denial and the GST backflips.

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Simon Crean - Deceit, Denial And The GST Backflips Tuesday, 10 April 2001

Deceit, Denial And The GST Backflips Simon Crean - Shadow Treasurer

Media Statement - 5 April 2001


The Deceit: "We can dramatically reduce the compliance burden on business as a result of their taxation obligations." Costello, Question Time 19/2/99

The Denial: "You can't move to a system of annual payments and you can't move to any other than quarterly reporting if you have no prior claims guidance to go on." Costello, Today, 6/2/01

The Backflip: "I acknowledge that there were some mistakes made in relation to that form." PM announces annual BAS reports for small business 22/2/01


The Deceit: "The GST will not increase the price of petrol for the ordinary motorist. PM - Address To The Nation -13/8/98

The Denial: "Having decided to spend $1.6 billion on roads to then go ahead and spend roughly the equivalent of that, or perhaps a little bit more on waiving this excise increase, to do that, well to do both would be financially irresponsible." PM - Jones 2UE 30/1/01

The Backflip: "Let me make it clear that I was plainly wrong in not understanding some of the concerns held by the Australian people about the price of petrol and I acknowledge that." PM, announcing decision to cut fuel excise 1/3/01



The Deceit: "There'll be no more than a 1.9% rise in ordinary beer." PM on John Laws. 23/9/98

The Denial: "The idea that you should pull out the draught beer and make sure it gets a special treatment, as against wine, or as against a milkshake, just can't be done." Costello, Meet The Press. 30/4/2000

The Backflip: "The government has reached agreement with the Australian Democrats in order to resolve this impasse." PM announces draught beer excise to fall to deliver on election promise 3/4/01 Back

Authorised by Geoff Walsh, 19 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600.

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