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Saving CSIRO: overhaul required.

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Senator Kim Carr

Labor Senator for Victoria Shadow Minister for Industry, Innovation, Science & Research



A Latham Labor Government will overhaul the CSIRO’s strategic direction.

Labor will reinvigorate the board and empower it to ensure effective leadership, build public confidence and re-assert a commitment to serving the public and industry. The board will ensure greater accountability of the whole organisation.

A Latham Labor Government will work in partnership with the board to ensure that many of the problems experienced with regard to CSIRO’s attempt to implement Government policy are addressed.

The CSIRO is currently dogged by a series of problems including:

- a movement away from its traditional role of public benefit research and public service; - Undue reliance on consultants, often without appropriate public sector tendering requirements - failure to respond to the strategic needs of industry, particularly the

manufacturing sector; - declining staff morale as a result of asset stripping and job losses; - an undue reliance on a narrowly-based Flagship program. A Labor

government will review this program and restore organisation-wide balance to its research profile. - Asset stripping, particularly at regional research sites.

The CSIRO has seen the movement of key resources such as Northern Queensland’s Tropical Forest Research Centre at Atherton, and other research collections, from Brisbane to Canberra. It has seen the undermining of the textiles laboratories at Geelong, as well as the construction and manufacturing

facilities at Woodville in South Australia and the removal of the National Measurement Laboratories from CSIRO.

The CSIRO has seen 157 redundancies last year alone, and the replacement of experienced staff with cheaper contract employees. In recent months staff have been dismissed for having "an excess of skills"!

A Latham Labor Government will restore the CSIRO to its rightful place of prominence as our leading public research agency.

A Latham Labor Government will save the CSIRO from the ravages of 8 long years of the Howard Government.

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