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Labor and unions begin "funny money - dirty tricks" in Lyne.

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Mark Vaile MP Deputy Leader of the Natonal Party - Minister for Trade - Federal Member for Lyne

Labor and Unions Begin "Funny Money - Dirty Tricks" in Lyne 29 October 2001

The Maritime Union has started printing its own worthless Labor funny money in a dirty tricks campaign in the electorate of Lyne, according to Federal Deputy National Party Leader, Minister for Trade and Member for Lyne, Mark Vaile.

"I have in my possession copies of fake $20 notes distributed by the Union supporting Labor," Mr Vaile said.

"This is a disgrace. These notes have confused a number of elderly and visually impaired people in my electorate who have mistakenly thought these were real $20 notes.

"The statutory authorisation is so faint as to be almost invisible.

"I call on Kim Beazley and his Labor Candidate to pull their union mates into line and stop this grubby form of politics which only serves to confuse vulnerable members of our community, including the elderly and the vision impaired," Mr Vaile said.

"Voters should be assured the money is as worthless as all of Labor's promises. It reflects a fundamental ALP and union belief that they can print their own money to get them out of trouble if they don't have enough to fund their policies.

Mr Vaile said he would be referring the material to the Australian Electoral Commission for investigation.