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Simplified superannuation contribution caps.

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Monday 9th October, 2006

Simplified Superannuation Contribution Caps

The article by Alison Kahler in today’s Financial Review (AFR, 9 October 2006, p.59) suggested there was uncertainty

over the immediate operation of the new Simplified Superannuation contributions caps.

There is no such uncertainty. I can confirm the new arrangements, which were announced by the Government on

5 September and which are detailed in A plan to simplify and streamline superannuation - Outcomes of Consultation.

There is a $1 million transitional cap for post-tax contributions made between 10 May 2006 and 30 June 2007. This

transitional cap is available to all individuals who are eligible to contribute to superannuation.

In addition, proceeds from the disposal of eligible small business assets which are contributed to superannuation will not

count towards the cap on post-tax contributions, up to a lifetime limit of $1 million. This small business exemption

applies from 10 May 2006.

Contributions in excess of these amounts may be subject to penalty. To limit genuine inadvertent breaches of the cap, the

Government announced that the ATO will have the discretion to reduce the amount of excess contributions subject to the

tax. In addition, individuals who can satisfy the ATO that they exceeded the transitional limit inadvertently will be able to

withdraw the excess amount without penalty prior to 1 July 2007.

The legislation to implement these discretions will be introduced into Parliament before the end of the year.

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