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Government to sack 1400 Defence employees.

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Senator Chris Evans Labor Senator for Western Australia Shadow Minister for Defence

20 June 2002


The Government is preparing to sack 1400 Defence employees and potentially close a number of facilities around Australia as part of its outsourcing of stores and maintenance functions.

This will have a significant impact on the lives of thousands of people directly affected and the local communities they live in.

This project is another example of the Government program to outsource Defence functions and sell assets with little regard to a cost benefit analysis or the impact on Defence capability.

In August the Government will award the ‘Defence Integrated Distribution System’ (DIDS) contract that will outsource Defence stores and maintenance services.

It is expected that the company taking over the contract will slash the number of positions employed and reduce the number of sites used.

The nineteen facilities affected by DIDS are spread across all States and Territories and are located in rural and metropolitan areas. See list attached.

In July last year, just months before the election, the Government reissued the tender documents for this project. The revised tender seeks to protect 355 of the 1400 jobs. ‘Coincidently’ all of these protected jobs are in Coalition held seats, most with slim electoral margins.

There are no protections for any of the 66 jobs in Western Australia, the 56 jobs in the Northern Territory, the 34 jobs in South Australia or the 12 jobs in Tasmania. The future of all of these positions is uncertain.

Just 56 of the 625 jobs in New South Wales have any guarantee of continuing.

Of the nineteen sites, the only one guaranteed to stay open happens to be in the seat held by the junior Defence Minister, Danna Vale MP. All of the remaining sites face possible closure.

For comment: Chris Evans 0419 983 593 Tim Friedrich 0438 983 908

Defence Integrated Distribution System (DIDS)

The table below sets out the facilities in the DIDS tender. The column titled protected positions is the job ‘target’ specified in the revised tender documents for that area.

State DIDS Site Address Service Federal

Electorate (margin)

Current Employees Protected positions


Warradale Barracks, Oaklands Road, Warradale SA 5046 Army

Boothby Lib (7.4%)

14 0

South Australia

RAAF Edinburgh

RAAF Base Edinburgh, SA 5111 RAAF Bonython

ALP (10.4%)

20 0

Bandiana Army

Indi Lib (11.2%)

13 6


Dowsing Point, Glenorchy, TAS 7010 Army Denison

ALP (14.3)

12 0


Simpson Barracks, Watsonia Army Jagajaga

ALP (5.6%)

? 0

Victoria and Tasmania

Puckapunyal MILPO Puckapunyal, VIC 3662 Army

McEwen Lib (1.2%)

169 119

Darwin -Winnelie

Robertson Barracks, Winnelie Army (Joint)

Solomon CLP (0.1%) Northern Territory RAAF


RAAF Base Darwin RAAF Solomon CLP (0.1%)

56 0

RAAF Townsville

RAAF Base Townsville, Garbutt, Townsville QLD 4812 RAAF

Herbert Lib (1.6%)


North Queensland Townsville - NLG

Lavarack Barracks, Townsville, QLD 4813 Army

Herbert Lib (1.6%)



RAAF Amberley

RAAF Base, Amberley, QLD 4306 RAAF Blair

Lib (8.5%)

62 53

Brisbane -Bulimba

Apollo Road, Bulimba, QLD 4171 Army Griffith

ALP (5.7%)

Brisbane -Meeandah

Army Barracks Meeandah QLD


Lilley ALP (4.8%)

239 0


Oakey Aviation Centre, Oakey, QLD 4401 Army

Groom Lib (15.1%)

21 21

South Queensland

Wallangarra Army Avenue, Wallangarra, QLD 4383

Army (Joint)

Maranoa Nat (16.0%)

15 12


JLU(W), Palmer Barracks, Guildford, Perth WA 6935 Army

Perth ALP (11.2%)

48 0

Western Australia

HMAS Stirling

HMAS Stirling, Garden Island, Rockingham, WA 6958


Brand ALP (10.0%)

18 0

DNSDC -Moorebank

Moorebank Avenue, Liverpool Military Area, NSW 2173 Joint

Hughes Lib (10.4%)



Mandated site


Albatross Road, Nowra NSW 2540 RAN Gilmore

Lib (14.6%)

23 13

RAAF Richmond

RAAF Base Richmond, NSW 2755 RAAF

Macquarie Lib (8.7%)

51 0

New South Wales

RAAF Williamtown

RAAF Base Williamtown, NSW 2314 RAAF

Paterson Lib (1.4%)

50 43