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Greens don't support backdoor ID card.

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Senator Kerry Nettle Senator for New South Wales

Greens don't support backdoor ID card Senator Nettle, 26th April 2006 Greens Senator Kerry Nettle today indicated The Australian Greens would scrutinise government proposals closely to ensure that a national ID card is not being introduced by the backdoor.

"The Australian Greens share the privacy and security concerns that the Australian Council for Civil Liberties and The Australian Privacy Foundation have expressed today in relation to the 'smart card' proposal," Senator Nettle said

"Cabinet should consider effective ways of addressing the problems an ID card is supposed to solve. Any proposals should focus around providing advantages to consumers rather than advantages for government.

"Australian's don't want to be compelled to carry a card to exercise their full rights as Australian citizens.

"There has been no public debate or input into this proposal before going to cabinet which itself makes the proposal very difficult to support.

"The Government should look again at why it opposed the Australia Card in the past.

"From a security point of view ID cards represent a double edged sword which both makes assuming fake identity harder but also makes successful fake identities involving fake cards much more effective and dangerous.

"The Australian Greens are concerned that a smart card could effectively define a person's identity in a way which would be very damaging if the information on that card was misused, corrupted or simply wrong."

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