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Labor’s tax increase is in the mail.

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The Hon Joe Hockey MP Minister for Small Business and Tourism

Media Release - 7 October 2004

Labor’s tax increase is in the mail

A sneak preview of a high-taxing Latham Labor government is starting to arrive in letterboxes across New South Wales, the Minister for Small Business and Tourism, Joe Hockey warned today.

The NSW Labor Government has been forced to write to home-owners across New South Wales, giving them the news that they may now be liable for land tax because Labor has spent too much and can’t manage the economy.

The letter from the Chief Commissioner of Bob Carr’s Office of State Revenue states;

“I am writing to advise you that, following changes to the land tax legislation, you may be liable for land tax in 2005.” (see attached)

This is yet another example of rising taxes under state and territory Labor governments.

The people of NSW and other states and territories, know only too well how the economic mismanagement of Labor state and territory governments increases the tax burden on them.

Bob Carr is extending land tax to more people to raise more money because he’s made a mess of the NSW Budget.

At time of continued economic growth under the Howard Government, revenue to the NSW Labor Government has been rising and Bob Carr has already extended stamp duty on homes and he is collecting more from the insidious state payroll tax and punitive land tax. Now Bob Carr is trying to increase taxes and raise even more revenue.

So people are rightly concerned that this formula will be translated to the national stage under the inexperience of a ‘Latham Labor’ Government.

Mark Latham has already announced that he will increase a number of taxes and has refused to rule out further tax increases under a Labor Government.

In addition Labor will slug small businesses across Australia with national payroll tax for the first time in nearly 30 years. This new national payroll tax will increase the red tape burden and a financial disincentive to hire additional staff and could lead to staff reductions.

Labor is the only party proposing to increase taxes at this election and the letter arriving in NSW letterboxes has just reinforced that. In contrast a re-elected Howard Government will continue to reduce the tax burden, particularly on Australian families and small businesses.