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Opening of the exhibition at Cube 37, Frankston Community Arts Centre: 27 April 2001

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Opening of the Exhibition at Cube 37, Frankston Community Arts Centre Friday, 27 April 2001 6.00pm for 6.30pm

Peter McGauran Thank you Paul.

Member for Dunkley, Bruce Billson; Cr Mark Conroy, Mayor, Frankston City; Councillors; Jon Edwards, CEO, Frankston city; Local Members of Parliament; Frankston Arts Centre, Board of Management.

Ladies and Gentlemen.

I'm delighted to be here this evening to launch the Creative Journeys within Cube 37,

Beginning with a series of programs and events, that will be the envy of arts aficionados across the country.

Technology is moving at the "the speed of light";

And the arts are at the forefront of exploring this new territory.

"The Speed of Light" is also the title of this powerful installation by renowned Melbourne artist Ian De Gruchy.

And in a sense it sets the tone for Cube 37 --Where local arts will meet the digital future;

And introduce another artistic dimension to Frankston,

A city that already boasts a healthy cultural life.

For five years now Frankston has enjoyed its arts centre with library, theatre and convention centre.

The opening of this centre by the Prime Minister in late march was the icing on the cake.

Cube 37 is unique.

It is one of the first facilities in Australia to incorporate an imaging and projection component into the fabric of the architecture.

This feature makes 'the Cube' itself a living work of art,

while providing a multi-functional space for the more conventional exhibitions and performances.

Artworks can be projected from within the structure onto the glazed walls of the studio fronting the street,

And will be visible to viewers from the street and forecourt of the centre.

Cube 37 will offer artists and students opportunities to explore digital and electronic art forms,

As well as inspiring experimentation with cross-medium art form. This first major exhibition, created by Ian, illustrates this important innovation.

Ian was commissioned by Frankston city council to develop an imaging and projection project.

For the work you will see tonight, Ian has collaborated with Dan Witton of Desoxy to produce an original soundscape to accompany the images.

Ian also assisted the builders of the centre with the installation requirements and equipment needed to produce the artworks.

As Ian himself says:

'I see projection as a form that has the potential to operate across the boundaries of art, architecture and performance' .

This is the sentiment that inspired Kirrill Kosloff, the Concept Architect for the new Centre.

And the outcome of this thinking has delivered Frankston with a striking building.

So Cube 37 completes Frankston's cultural campus

And provides the city with a thriving, dynamic community hub.

For our part, the federal government is delighted to be partner in Cube 37,

Through a $1.5 million grant from the federation fund in conjunction with the Frankston city council.

And I note the exhibition space within the building has been named the Federation Gallery.

A total of $1 billion has been allocated through the Federation Fund to more than eleven-hundred projects throughout Australia.

Thanks to Bruce Billson, who has campaigned tirelessly to ensure that this project received proper recognition from the Federation Fund program.

From major infrastructure developments to small community-based projects, of which around $188 million has been allocated across Victoria.

These projects will give communities across Australia lasting legacies to our 100 years of nationhood.

The main event commemorating the Centenary of Federation and the Federal Government's significant contribution to the Frankston Community Arts Centre is tonight's launch,

And the celebrations to follow over the next three weeks.

Along with Ian's installation, another Exhibition on display within the Cube 37 Exhibition Area is 'Eye on Time';

A photographic/multi-media display depicting the heritage of Frankston.

It also acknowledges and honours the people who contributed to the local history project 'Frankston 1950-2000 an Oral/Pictorial History'.

This is only the beginning of an extensive program of events for 2001,

And a new era in arts and community activity in Frankston.

I congratulate the Frankston city council, and all who have worked hard to develop this significant cultural facility and to produce these wonderful exhibitions.

It gives me great pleasure to declare the Speed of Light open.

Thank you

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