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Beattie will close Moreton Bay.

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Beattie will close Moreton Bay

Peter Beattie will cut recreational and commercial fisher access to Moreton Bay if he is re-elected this Saturday, the Federal Minister for Fisheries, Forestry and Conservation told the Senate today.

“Make no mistake, if Mr Beattie is re-elected this Saturday, Queensland’s fishers will lose significant access to this great Bay”, the Minister said.

The Minister highlighted Mr Beattie’s weasel words on the issue last week:

“There would be no mass bans…there is no plan… to shut out recreational fishers from 50 percent of Moreton Bay” (Beattie press release, 2nd September).

He also pointed out that in a letter to the Moreton Bay Access Alliance (also on the 2nd September), the Deputy Premier, Ms Bligh, pointedly refused to rule out closures of the bay.

“The truth is, the Green’s have blown the whistle on Labor on this”, the Minister said:

The Coalition’s plan to keep Moreton Bay open is “in contradiction to the State Government’s - [that is Mr Beattie’s] - plans for no go zones across sections of the Bay.” (Greens press release, 27th August).

“Moreton Bay should not be closed to fishing simply to gain Green preferences.

“Only a vote for the Coalition will ensure Moreton Bay stays open to sensible and sustainable fishing”, the Minister concluded.

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