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Shock horror: union boffin bags WorkChoices!

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Hon Joe Hockey MP

Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Public Service 10 July, 2007

Media Release

Shock Horror - Union Boffin Bags WorkChoices!

Just when you think the ACTU’s misleading and deceptive scare campaign couldn’t get any worse along comes

Dr Jim Stanford from Canada.

The ACTU today issued a press release that quotes extensively and breathlessly from a report compiled by Dr

Stanford during his stay at Melbourne University.

Dr Stanford, who the union describes as a “visiting Canadian economist”, argues that Australian Workplace

Agreements have nothing to do with the future prosperity of the mining industry.

The ACTU goes on to say that Dr Stanford’s view is a good reason to vote for Kevin Rudd at the upcoming


What the ACTU doesn’t mention in its press release is the fact that Dr Stanford is employed by the Canadian

Auto Workers union, Canada’s largest private-sector trade union.

Dr Stanford is an advocate for the trade union movement - not an independent voice.

The ACTU’s press release is yet another example that the union bosses are more interested in spreading fear

and misinformation than telling working Australians the truth.

We know this because the ACTU continues to spend its workers’ money on television ads that deliberately

misrepresent the protections enjoyed by working Australians.

If the union bosses continue to lie then the Australian Government will continue to provide working

Australians with factual information about where they stand in the workplace relations system.

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