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Scullion’s bizarre waste dump loop.

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cullion’s bizarre waste dump loop

Issued: 20 April 2006

Senator Scullion should let Territorians into his waste dump loop following his bizarre claims reported in the NT News today Senator Trish Crossin says.

“His government has just hired a company to investigate its three chosen waste dump sites yet Senator Scullion says he is working hard to make sure none of the sites are chosen but that another site will be nominated.


“Furthermore he says he will bet anyone a beer that the Harts Range site will not be chosen.

“Why and when will the company chosen to investigate the apparently superseded sites know about Senator Scullion’s new site?

“Just who is in control of dumping on the dump?

“All he seems to be trying to achieve is to frustrate both his federal colleagues, Territorians and the NT Government all at once.

“Senator Scullion seems to be in a world of his own.

“At Senate estimates in February the public servants charged with getting the dump built told me they had not had any approaches about alternative sites and they were going ahead with the investigations of the three chosen sites regardless.

“They also indicated there were few if any spin-offs from a dump for local communities - half a dozen security guard jobs and some construction jobs in the 10 months it would take to build the infrastructure.

“Senator Scullion should tell Territorians what he is hoping to achieve.

“Is he still trying to justify amending, rather than opposing, the bill to force the radioactive dump on Territorians?” Senator Crossin said.